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This course allows students to immerse themselves in a university culture in the Philippines. Interacting with Filipino speakers of English, they are able to practice their communication skills.


This course equips students with the essential skills in English that they can use as they participate in internships (such as those in the medical, education, and engineering fields


This course is for students who wish to pursue education in a Philippine University. Students must complete a 12-week ESL course in CIA prior to joining this program.



4 Classes - Man-to-man

1 Class - Small Group

Classes -  Big Group

Travel  to San Carlos University


4  Classes - man-to-man

1 Class -  Small Group

3 Classes - Big  Group

Travel  to San Carlos University


4 Classess - man-to-man

Classes - Small Group

1 Class -  Medium Group

1 Class - Big Group

Classes - Self Study

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