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Family Camp

Families are given opportunities to make memories through unique experiences together while learning the English language.

 Junior Camp

Junior Sparta Camp enhances our junior student’s English language skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary in an enjoyable, interactive environment.  

 CIA English Camp starting since 2003 has a good reputation of early closing every time and a CIA own special care system from parents and maintained its disputable first position in the field of Philippine English Camp. Now in all over the World, the importance of English is upgraded beyond the second foreign language. English Camp of CIA English Camptries to make students exposed to English environment at maximum so that they can learn English as native language not the second foreign language during the period of English Camp and operates a customized learning system by individual personality and level through scientific analysis and consultation.



4 Classes - man-to-man

2 Classes - Medium Group

2 Classes - Big  Group

Golf / Additional Classes

3 Classes - man-to-man

3 Classes - Medium Group

2 Classes - Big Group

Math Class

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