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Internal Control & Audit

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Dec 07, 2018
PHP  2,700.00 (VAT inclusive)



Did you know that your company or business is at risk of THEFT or EMBEZZLEMENT? Learn all internal and audit controls through our seminar so you can prevent unfortunate events from happening.



I.      Introduction to Internal Control

II.    Facts of Internal Control

III.   Why Small businesses are most vulnerable?

IV.   Things I’ve Seen / Nightmares

V.     Internal Controls in Everyday Life

VI.   Objectives of Internal Control

VII.  Importance of Internal Control

VIII. Classification of Internal Control

IX.     Preventive Controls

X.      Components of Internal Controls

                   a. Control Environment

                   b.  Enhance Control Environment

XI.     Risk Assessment & Types of Risks

XII.    Schemes of Stealing cash

XIII.   Control Activities

XIV.    Who is responsible for Internal Controls?

XV.     Auditing

                    a. Internal & External

                    b. Expenditure Cycles


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