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Stress, Time and Boss Management

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In-Person / Seminar
Ended last Dec 13, 2018
PHP  2,700.00 (VAT inclusive)



The training is a one-day introduction to managing time and stress in the workplace.

It explains how time and tress are intricately intertwined and provides ways and means to deal with them and make them work to one’s advantage. It also looks into how relationship with the boss may be made more pleasant and productive.



1. Identify sources of stress in the workplace.

2. Identify the reasons why people seem to not have enough time to do what they need to in the workplace.

3. Explain how time and stress can be jointly managed.

4. Explain how to have a pleasant and productive relationship with your boss.


  • Facts About Stress
  • What is Stress?
  • Types of Stress
  • Stress Effects
  • Symptoms of Job Stress
  • Simple Habits of Managing Stress
  • How Stress & Time Are Connected
  • What is Time?
  • Time Perspectives
  • Time Management
  • Managing Your Boss
  • Mindset for Managing Your Boss
  • Working Relationship
  • Information Needs
  • Critical Traits of Subordinates

SEMINAR FEE: Pay in full 5 days before the seminar and avail our early bird rate of Php 2,700 per head (Regular rate: Php 3,000 per head) which will comprise meals during the training, handouts and all necessary materials. We are also offering in-house training and seminars depending on the need of the companies.


  1. Pay in full 5 days before the seminar and avail our early bird rate of Php 2,700.00 only.
  2. Payments on the day of the seminar must be on cash basis only.

Payments made through Checks can only be made through company checks.  Personal checks can be accepted provided that it is an advance payment.

  1. Walk in participants shall pay the regular rate either through cash or check provided that the check is under a BDO account and payable to iLearn professional Solutions Inc. and that the same was declared good. 
  2. Senior /students and/or person with disability, is given a special privilege of 20% discount provided that payment be made any time before 5 days of the scheduled seminar.  On site payment of the students and seniors shall be entitled of 10% discount.
  3. Upon payment, proof must be forwarded through email or fax to 4842342.
  4. Proof of payments (original deposit slip) shall be required for presentation on the day of the schedule.


  1. Cancellation  5 days before the scheduled seminar: FULL AMOUNT
  2. Cancellation 3 days before the scheduled seminar: 70% REFUND
  3. Cancellation at the scheduled seminar: ALL PAYMENTS SHALL BE  FORFEITED

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