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Logistic and Beyond Transportation

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In-Person / Seminar
Ended last Jan 08, 2019
PHP  3,000.00 (VAT inclusive)




World Markets have become increasingly globalised. To a large extent, this reflects the fact that all countries are adjusting to strong liberalization pressures derived from international trade policies which have a common objective to open up new trading opportunities and integrate countries into global economy. The Seminar you are about to delve into looks at issues relating to Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Provides a general explanation of the impact of logistics, which will help the participant to understand some issues involved when applying logistics system. Relates the logistical functions such as purchasing, manufacturing, physical distribution and marketing management with logistical channel.


•    Define the term logistics and its role 
•    State activities relating to and associated with Supply Chain Management
•    Logistics Strategy and impact to global competitiveness
•    Apply best practice to Improve competitiveness



Module 1 –Related Issues to Logistics
•    Logistics by definition
•    5 Rights of Logistics
•    Logistics Strategy of Enterprises
•    Impact on competitive advantage
•    Cost associated with the physical transfer of goods
•    Transit time
•    Safety of goods

Module 2 – Logistics Concepts and Supply Chain Management
•    Definition of Supply Chain Management
•    Activities associated with Logistics Management
•    Supply Chain Management:Basic,Evolution,Ultimate
•    Shippers Perspective on Transport & Logistics

Module 3 –Functions of Logistics
•    Purchasing, Models and Techniques
•    Application of Just In Time Practices
•    Decision to Produce or Purchase
•    Marketing, Trade or Transaction Channel
•    Determining Choice of Transport
•    Logistics Marketing & Service Quality

Module 4– Global Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
•    Re-examination of Logistics Concepts
•    Demand for improvement
•    Developments made on the side of logistics&scm
•    Dealing with Logistics service providers

Module 5– Evolving Role of Freight Forwarder 
•    Functions of a Modern Freight Forwarder
•    Defining forwarders as principal or agent?

Module 6- Transportation Documents
•    Bill of Lading & Contents
•    MBL & HBL
•    Negotiable and Non Negotiable
•    Other  Transport Documents

Module 7-Carriers Liability in relation to goods
•    Liability of Freight forwarders
•    Common Factors that leads to Liabilities

Module 8- Multimodal Transport
•    Definition of Multi Modal Transport
•     Advantages of Multi modal Transport
•    Different Forms of Multi Modal Transport

Module 9- Cargo & Packaging
•    Commodity to Cargo
•    Methods of Cargo Packaging 
•    Handling & Preparation
•    Loading & Unloading
•    Documents and Packaging

Module 10- Cargo handling equipments
•    Equipments for Cargo Handling
•    Vessel Handling Equipments

Module 11- Alternative Transport Solutions
•    Types of MTos
•    Relations with Intervening parties
•    Scope of Mtos

SEMINAR FEE: Pay in full 5 days before the seminar and avail our early bird rate of Php 2,700 per head (Regular rate: Php 3,000 per head) which will comprise meals during the training, handouts and all necessary materials. We are also offering in-house training and seminars depending on the need of the companies.

i.  Pay in full 5 days before the seminar and avail our early bird rate of Php 2,700.00 only.
ii. Payments on the day of the seminar must be on a cash basis only.
Payments made through Checks can only be made through company checks.  Personal checks can be accepted provided that it is an advance payment.
iii. Walk-in participants shall pay the regular rate either by cash or check provided that the check is under a BDO account and payable to iLearn professional Solutions Inc. and that the same was declared good. 
iv. Senior /students and/or person with a disability is given a special privilege of a 20% discount.  On-site payment of the students shall be entitled to a 10% discount.
v. Upon payment, proof must be forwarded through email [email protected]
vi. Proof of payments (original deposit slip) shall be required for presentation on the day of the schedule.
IMPORTANT:  All training payments are NON Refundable but transferable to other training. iLearn reserves the right to cancel programs which do not meet the required minimum number of participants; in which case, either the programs may be merged or be transferred to a different location and the program with a lower number of participants will be canceled. Due notice of cancellation /merger of programs will be given to those who have already paid and registered via email or call. In this regard, please ensure to indicate your contact numbers, email address for proper notification.

For further information, you may visit our website at www.ilearnph.com.  You may also directly call us at 09178387668 or 09988627258 or through our office landline number (02) 7450535 | (02) 370 4792 | (02) 935 0474 | (02) 9350494. You may also visit our company office at 3rd Floor Poweraire Building 1320 Filmore St. Palanan Makati City. Or send us an email through [email protected]om
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