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The popular saying goes: the pen is mightier than the sword.

Indeed, words are very powerful.  Certainly, they have great impact in business.  What we communicate to internal and external clients via emails, letters, memos, and proposals affects business. 

A well-written proposal easily means a signature of approval or a new sale.  A well-written response, even in the context of complaint or negative feedback can strengthen relationships with people.  Likewise, attention to details spells the difference between effective coordination vs. office chaos!  Hence, business writing is a critical competency for everyone.

The challenge: studies show that 67% of professionals lose precious time to compose that “perfect” letter or email.  This is a tough challenge given the deluge of emails professionals get daily!  How do professionals respond fast and effectively?

The Effective Business Writing Workshop from Guthrie-Jensen has helped thousands of professionals achieve greater impact at work.  Better coordination, more solid credibility with internal and external clients, eliminating wasted time are just some of the benefits from their attendance to this program.  Bring your sample correspondences and we’ll even coach you on the spot. 

Slots are limited.  Register today by calling +632-816-1610.  Or email us at [email protected] 


Guthrie-Jensen Seminars are Skills-Building Programs. We emphasize immediate application, and participants are given opportunities to apply learnings during the seminar itself through workshops, guided discussions, and even role plays. We put lectures at a minimum. Guthrie-Jensen also goes beyond motivation. We equip people with skills they can concretely use after the training.

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To know more about our early bird and alumni discounts call us at (632) 816-1610 or email [email protected] 


Feb 07, 2019 - Feb 08, 2019
Thu, Fri 09:00 AM — 06:00 PM
No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 16
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