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Projects that are delivered on time and within budget.  Leading (multiple and simultaneous) projects with highly engaged, well-managed stakeholders.  The ability to manage unexpected developments with ease.  Internal and external clients happy with project delivery.  Are these parts of your vision for effective project management?

We at Guthrie-Jensen have helped make this vision a reality for many professionals and their organizations.  Now, you can, too.  Sign up today for our hands-on Project Management Skills Workshop. 

Our unique approach: First, it’s fast – only two days, packed with comprehensive modules.  Second, participants learn from internationally-accepted frameworks and processes on project management.  Third, we don’t forget to focus on the other important “PM” in project management – PEOPLE Management. 

Get sharper skills in project management to produce faster results.  Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Project Management Skills today.


Guthrie-Jensen Seminars are Skills-Building Programs. We emphasize immediate application, and participants are given opportunities to apply learnings during the seminar itself through workshops, guided discussions, and even role plays. We put lectures at a minimum. Guthrie-Jensen also goes beyond motivation. We equip people with skills they can concretely use after the training.

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To know more about our early bird and alumni discounts call us at (632) 816-1610 or email [email protected] 
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