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Welding and joining are basic and essential technologies for manufacturing, and used in all the manufacture industry. The welding and joining technologies in the world have been developed through cooperative researches between the industry sector, academic circles and public agencies, and reached a world leading group economic        We should maintain our policies as a manufacturing  policies as a manufacturing oriented worldwide from now on.

However, our IMWS is run close by many developing countries in manufacturing technologies, owning to her inherent problems including a rapid decrease in a youth population and retirement of many skillful workers. The weakening manufacturing technologies of our industry is our deep concern. The relative weakness in welding and joining technologies might result in lowering world competitiveness of our manufacturing industry. Continuing developments of these technologies have to be accompanied.

The International Maritime Welding Society (IMWS) intends to make every effort to assist the preservation and developments of welding and joining technologies of the maritime sector manufacturing industry, oil and gas.

International Maritime Welding Society
1697-Pres.Quirino Ave, Pandacan Manila
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