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Be WAHMazing: The MOMpreneurs Edition (Build My Own Business)

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It all starts with a big desire to start something, an urge to take that huge leap, perhaps a simple wish to shake things up a bit, leave a positive impact somewhere somehow, a calling in your heart to share your God-given talents, or that so inexplicable aspiration for something better not just for yourself but for your family too. That might just be your strongest and perfect inspiration for your much-awaited MOMpreneuial break.

But how we take things to the ground and further is always a valid concern. Questions like WHY should I even do it, WHAT should I pursue, HOW should I do it, and WHO are the right people to sell it to are important foundations to ask ourselves and explore answers for before we finally take the plunge. You don't have to have all the exact answers right away for you to start building your business. You just need to GET STARTED and LEARN THINGS ALONG THE WAY.

If you are a Mom or plainly anyone who wants to explore your entrepreneurial potential and desires to launch your own business someday. Or perhaps you are already a MOMpreneur and you want to shake things up a bit, learn from other fellow MOMpreneurs, be inspired, and network more, then this is for all of you!

Get ready for an afternoon filled with learning, story sharing, experiences telling, meeting Mompreneurs and aspiring ones, and a lot of networking.


Part I: 


1. Purpose (Your BIG WHY)
- Identifying and Building your ENTREPRENEURIAL MISSION & VISION. 
- WHY I DO WHAT I DO when push comes to show in business. 
- The Purpose-Filled Entrepreneur Mindset

2. Passion (Your BIG WHAT)
- Knowing what type of BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY/IES you can and should pursue that is aligned to your passion points.
- Living out strengths, talents, skills and turning them into entrepreneurial ventures. 

- Building basic but key business elements to help you implement your business. 
- Basic know-how and do's and dont's
* Conceptualization and Ideation
* Market Research 
* Financials (ex. Funding)
* Trade Name 
* Operations Management 
* Branding 
* Communication and Marketing 
* Government Licenses and Requirements 
and other pertinent elements 

4. People (Your BIG WHO)
- Identifying your ideal CLIENT PERSONA (Who is the perfect client / customer for your business?)
- Knowing and understanding your client's behavior (What does my client / customer want?) 
- BUILD, NETWORK, CONNECT - Building meaningful business relationships that will help drive the business. (How can I connect with my client / customer?)

Part II: 

A sit-down panel Q&A with Three (3) real-life and experienced MOMpreneurs sharing their stories, experiences, insights about starting out a business while being a mother, and answer questions from the audience. 



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