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“Effective Hiring Practices”

March 9, 2019


At the end of the seminar, the participants should be able to:

  1.  Gain a better understanding of the different stages of hiring successfully and its impact in achieving business results
  2. Assess their present practices to pinpoint areas for improvement in their recruitment and selection process.
  3. Gain necessary knowledge to improve their  HR skills in recruitment and selection


Program outline:

  1. Good Business starts with Good People
    1. The importance of Recruitment in the business process and bottom line results

                                                               i.      (the cost of hiring/ benefits of a good hire)

  1. Hiring the Best for the Job
    1. The 3-Point Recruitment Objective:

                                                               i.      Getting the Best Match

                                                              ii.      Within the prescribed Lead time

                                                            iii.      At the Least Cost

  1. Overview of the Hiring Process
    1. Job Familiarization:

                                                               i.      The Job Description

                                                              ii.      The Job Profile and Critical Competencies

  1. Sourcing: Finding the Right Candidates

                                                               i.      So many applicants and yet so few candidates

                                                              ii.      Traditional and other sources

                                                            iii.      Creating your own recruitment pool

  1. Testing and Interview

                                                               i.      Types of Interviews

                                                              ii.      Tips for successful interviewing

                                                            iii.      To test or not to test: Does it matter?

  1. Making the Selection

                                                               i.      Short listing

                                                              ii.      Factors to consider in making the final choice

  1. Getting Ready to Hire Successfully
    1. Creating your Recruitment  strategies and plans
    2. Assessing your Recruitment skills


  • Short lectures to introduce the topic after which the group will break into small groups for short exercises.  Group outputs shall be presented in a plenary discussion if time permits.

Special Offer

Send 3 pax in the same seminar (10% discount).

We are now a PhilGEPS (Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System) – certified company. Certificateno.2015-1510010 with a referenceno.2015-02002799998.Written cancellation 3-4 days before the event will entail a 50% deduction in registration fee while cancellation a day before the seminar will amount to forfeiture. Substitute participant is allowed. In the absence of a minimum number of participants CFSCTM can reschedule the seminar.


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