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Procurement & Effective Negotiation Skills

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May 9, 2019


Participants will learn the following:

-          How to determine the firm's purchasing needs

-          Finding a supplier who will best satisfy purchasing needs

-          Negotiating and making the purchase

-          Communicating the purchase decision to the supplier and to relevant personnel within your firm

-          A follow-up procedure for evaluating your purchasing decisions


  1. Definition and Principles                                                                             
  2. 5 R's of Purchasing                                                                         
  3. Findings Qualified Sources                                                                         
  4. Value Creation           


                1              Standardization                                              

                2              Role of Purchasing in Product / Service Design                                                  

                3              Value Analysis / Engineering                                                      

                4              Early Supplier Involvement                                                        


  1. Negotiation Skills          


                1.            Overview of Negotiation in Purchasing                                                                 

                2.            Negotiation Pre-planning basics                                                                

                3.            Negotiation Process



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