Improving Electrical Reliability with Corona Discharge Detection - April 8th,2019 by Global Condition Monitoring Institute Inc. - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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Improving Electrical Reliability with Corona Discharge Detection - April 8th,2019

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In-Person / Short Course
Ended last Apr 09, 2019
USD  299.00


This Workshop is ideal for any person who is starting an electrical condition monitoring program or improving on an existing asset reliability program.  The first step in implementing such a program is to understand the goals and benefits.  The second step is to understand the practical steps that can be implemented to improve reliability.  And the third step is to understand the condition monitoring technologies, and how they can provide early warnings about potential and failure.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Electrical System Multi-Spectral Imaging and Testing

     - Why perform Diagnostic Testing to Electrical Systems

     - Test and Measurement Instrument Summary

     - Electromagnetic Spectrum Basics

     - Multi-spectral imaging concept

     - Applications Overview of Multi-Spectral Inspection Technologies

     - Choosing the Most Appropriate Diagnostic Inspection Method

  • Electrical Systems and The Corona Phenomena

       - Corona Physics- What is Corona?

       - Why Corona Discharge and the Causes

       - Impact on the Electrical System and its Components

       - Corona Power Losses

  • Electrical High Voltage Applications

        - Ceramic, Glass and NCI Insulators

        - Transmission, Distribution and Sub-Stations

  • UV Detection and Imaging Camera Technology

       - Introduction to the Ultraviolet Spectrum

       - Electromagnetic Spectrum Basics- Ultraviolet Radiation

       - How it Works- Solar UV Filters

       - UV Detection Instruments

       - Electrical Corona Discharge Inspection with UV Cameras

  • Partial Discharge and Corona Inspection

       - Partial Discharge Physics

       - Why Partial Discharge and the Problem on the Electrical System

       - Type of Partial Discharge Detection Methods

       - Partial Discharge Measuring Instruments

       - Corona Inspections with Partial Discharge

  • Airborne Ultrasound Corona Inspections

       - Airborne Ultrasound Basics

       - Ultrasound Electrical Discharge Detection

       - Corona and Partial Discharge detection

       - Getting the Image: gain, brightness, zoom

  • Infrared Thermography Corona Inspections

       - Infrared Thermography Basics

       - Infrared Electrical Discharge Detection

  • Corona on HV Rotating Machines
**Review, Questions, Closing remarks and Distribution of Certificates


Trainer /Speaker : Mr. Ron Newport
BSC. Elect. Eng.; FI. Diag. Eng.; Level III Thermographer

Special Offer

Investment Fee : USD 299/pax
Group Registration Discount : 4+1

Please send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 02 219 5837 09291979055/09953639357 and look for Hazel for more information on this course.


No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 8
No. of Participants: 25
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