NDT Certification Course : Advanced Level II Infrared Thermography Course | April16th - 19th,2019 | Manila PH by Global Condition Monitoring Institute Inc. - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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In compliance to industry standards our organization the Institute of Infrared Thermography follows the American Society of Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) and British Institute of Non-destructive Testing (BINDT). In Philippines, they follow ASNT.


Level I stated in the introduction into T/IR Inspection Test Technique. According to all NDT standards there are 3 Levels of Certification. Level 1 is only the beginning, being in the compliance standards must work under the guidance of Level II Certified individuals. Therefore at the Level 1 criteria are met, the L1 must advance to a Level 2 status.


Trainer’s Profile :
Mr. Ron Newport, BSC. Elect. Eng.; FI. Diag. Eng.; Level III Thermographer

The Institute of Infrared Thermography (IRT) is the training division of the group of companies headed by the principle Mr. Ron Newport. The principle company, Global Condition Monitoring INC., provides training and education in Predictive Maintenance techniques as well as inspections and consulting services. His first company, Infraview Energy Analysis, was a successful IR inspection company that was started in 1977 at a time when thermography was virtually unknown for industrial applications. Ron has enjoyed a 35+ year career in Infrared Thermography and Predictive Maintenance. Today, he still performs inspections and training with partners around the world.
Mr Newport is an internationally acclaimed expert within the infrared industry and is recognised worldwide as the number one educator, developer, promoter of infrared thermography. He performed his first infrared course for Petrochemical Inspection Engineers from around the world in 1979. He was instrumental in developing the Level I and Level II courses. In 1984, he developed and conducted the first ever Level II thermography training course in the world.
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