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Projects and their implementation are indispensable for growth and continuing improvement of any organization. Projects can be various shapes and sizes, from small to extremely large and highly complex.


 Successful project management for projects large or small tends to follow the process outlined in this seminar. While project management skills are obviously important for project managers, the method and tools that project managers used can be helpful to everyone.



      At the end of the seminar-workshop, the participants would be able to:

•apply the project management process •learn the principles of the commonly used  project management tools. •actively participate in project implementation in respective organization.


I. Project Specification

II. Project Planning

         Tools :


                     Fishbone Diagram

                     Critical Path Method ( CPM )

                     Program Evaluation and Review Technique ( PERT )

                     Gantt Chart

                     Activity-on-Node ( AON )

III. Project Communication

IV. Delegation

V. Implementation

VI. Monitoring and Review

VII. Completion

VIII. Follow-Up


Don-Don Adolfo G. Crisostomo, RFP®, CB©, RCA®, CAT©, CSSYB©, RBP®, CTT© is a multi-awarded Financial Planner, and beyond doubt, a man of passion and worthy of emulation. He is also an entrepreneur, professor, business consultant, speaker, columnist, author and financial analyst.

It was in his early 20’s when he started asking himself, “What good can I do to my country?” He has then the mindset of making difference in Filipinos’ lives. Those were the moments that he realized there is more to life than progressing his career and in banking thereby improving his life’s status. As his parents’ taught him, he believed that everything should be given back in return to the Lord. The feeling of being blessed triggered him to a request, “God, please make me an instrument to help people.” He has felt God’s bountiful blessings and put in the advocacy giving selfless advice in money management.

At a young age of 22, in response to his advocacy of financial literacy, he became the youngest to join the prestigious organization of Registered Financial Planners in the Philippines, where it houses premiere personalities in Financial Planning. From then on, he started giving free seminars and training in financial literacy. He was noticed in the industry and invited for several TV and radio guesting to answer money questions. He was recognized as a young empowering financial planner for his brand “FQBits”, a term for Financial Quotient (FQ) and bits (small pieces) which mean, “Small knowledge for increasing Financial Quotient”. Creating value to people, tag line came in as “Notes worth Investing.” Months went by and he was invited to become a columnist for Business Mirror, a newspaper in the country, where he has exhibited his wit in writing compelling articles in financial planning in the goal of motivating people to properly manage their money. He has co-authored a best-selling book “Spend More, Become Rich”. Believing that Filipinos should be entrepreneurs, he has been a business consultant for many years, helping businesses in achieving goals in many facets of business including but not limited to fund raising, strategic business advice, operations excellence etc. He is also a professorial lecturer in financial management of the Executive MBA of the University of Makati. 

He holds many local and international professional licenses and certifications in finance, business, and accounting as a Registered Financial Planner, Certified Book Keeper accredited in the UK, Registered Cost Accountant accredited in Australia, Certified Accounting Technician of Canada, Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belter, Registered Business Professional and Certified Tax Technician.


He has years of experience in the banking industry where he worked in two global banks: Deutsche Bank and ING Bank specializing in financial markets – derivatives. He holds a degree in Management Accounting from the Mariano Marcos State University and spent his early years until his college in Ilocos Norte, his home province. He had further studies in derivatives at the Ateneo De Manila University Graduate School of Business, financial markets at the Banking Institute of the Philippines, accounting at the National Institute of Accounting Technicians, and financial planning at the Registered Financial Planners Institute. He is currently pursuing his masteral degree in Public Management at the University of Philippines.

He was conferred with many local and international awards namely: 2016 Inspiring Male Professional Financial Planner conferred by Quality Brand Philippines; 2016 Outstanding Financial Planner -Dangal ng Bayan Awardee conferred by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation (NCAF ); 2017 Inspiring Professional Financial Planner and Author awarded by Handong Inspirasyon Pilipinas; and 2017 Asian Achiever Awardee - Oustanding Asian Business Planner and Consultant awarded by the Asia Pacific Awards Council.

He believes that there is further to work in his advocacy. His goal is to make a more financially literate Philippines by encouraging Filipinos to save, invest and put up business in for their future. He has been continuously making a difference in the society sharing his knowledge in fulfilling plans for retirement, education of children, estate arrangements, insurance needs, family finance, making a business and the like towards financial freedom.

With not expecting in return, Don has truly made humanitarian deeds. With this gracious advocacy, he feels more blessed every day. Passion in helping others by improving Filipino’s financial literacy is his lifetime advocacy.

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