CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR by D.M. Consunji Technical Training Center - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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In-Person / Seminar
Ended last Feb 23, 2019
PHP  5,500.00 (VAT inclusive)


This one-day seminar-workshop will provide in-depth technical training in concrete technology and practice and is designed to enable participants experience designing concrete mixes and familiarize with different admixtures. This course uses classroom discussion, exercises and Ready Mixed Concrete Laboratory/ Batching plant visit for the participants.

Concrete provides the most versatile of structural material in construction which craves the most positive vibrant image and it is essentially the most common binding medium for aggregates. It is also a composite material with properties that change with time. Understanding its properties and characteristics will help engineers in achieving the required quality. Designing proper concrete mixes, knowledge in concrete testing and proper use of admixtures are the keys in optimizing the use of concrete.


For the design requirement of any concrete structured project to be achieved, close supervision of the project and adequate concrete mix design should be done by the engineers involved. In recent year we had witness a lot of concrete structural failure either during construction, after the completion or few year of the project age of completion, without satisfying design age of the project life. Quality control should be applicable, to control structural failure.


No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 8
No. of Participants: 15
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