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Essentials for Event Management Success

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Ended last May 27, 2019
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Event Management when compared to other traditional professions such as medicine, law and accounting is relatively a young field. It is an area that is growing rapidly and now represents hundreds of professionals who are responsible for planning, coordinating and evaluating a wide range of events all year round.

Event management is predominantly about creating an experience. Bearing in mind that first impressions last, it is important when embarking on any event regardless of its scale to take the correct approach and use the right techniques to ensure that your event is successful.


This introductory course will provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge required to successfully plan, implement, organize, manage, monitor and evaluate special events.

Target Group                

Wedding Coordinators, Sports Personnel, Administrative Assistants, Project Officers or anyone wishing to hone their organizational skills when it comes to events planning.


Planning and developing event proposal

Interpret event brief

Develop proposal and bid details

Develop bid materials

Submit or present the bid or proposal on time


Developing an event concept

Identify overall event objectives and scope

Establish event concept, theme and format


Developing an event program

Identify conference objectives

Design conference program

Finalize program details


Selecting event venue and site

Analyze venue or site requirements

Source event venues or sites

Confirm venue or site arrangements


Developing and updating event industry knowledge

Source and apply information on the structure and operation of the event industry

Source and apply information on the ethical and legal issues for the event industry

Source and apply information on event industry technology

Update event industry knowledge

Providing on-site event management service

Prepare for on-site management

Oversee meeting/event set-up

Monitor meeting/event operation

Oversee meeting/event breakdown


Developing and updating knowledge on protocol

Seek information on appropriate protocol procedures into work activities

Integrate appropriate protocol procedures into work activities

Update knowledge of protocol


Managing contractors for indoor events

Identify event operational requirements

Source contractors

Monitor contractors



An excellent communicator, a trained resource speaker, respected leader, and a seasoned event organizer. He has been adept in the conduct of Leadership trainings, communication and sensitivity workshops, team building and various human resource management topics for civic and private companies since 1998. Passionate, dynamic and street smart are but a few words to describe our speaker. As a facilitator, is able to direct and guide large team building crowds, making sure they enjoy their experience while still making sure a company’s objectives are met. His energy and wit spans across his attendees ensuring a fun and learning experience.

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