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DESCRIPTION: An overall Training for Aspiring Baristas to Introduce the world of coffee from fundamentals and basic unto the advanced technique for both Espresso-based beverages and brewed coffee excellence. This program is a combination of the Barista 101 & 102 that does not require any prerequisite for registration.

NO OF STUDENTS PER CLASS:  3-10 Students / class


Weekdays, 6 hourse(mondays to fridays, 9am-4pm)
Weekends,6 hours( Saturdays, 9am-4pm)

PRICING:     PHP 17,000

-Lecture on Barista 101 & 102
-Fundamentals of Free pour Latte art.
-Handout for Lesson(s)
-Center for Barista Shirt (Uniform)
-Training Personal Protective Equipment (Barista Apron, Microfiber Towels)
-Training Certificate for "Finishing course for Professional Barista (101 +102)
-7 session Intensive training class w/ Guided Hands-on Training for Barista NC 2 Competencies with Industry standards.
-National Assessment (one day) [TESDA NC 2],(Date to be Announced. Min of 10 Participants)
-Training Consumables (Coffee Beans, Milk, Syrups); competency allotted.


Learn the Fundamentals of coffee with introduction to specialty coffee with these Lessons:

-History of Coffee
-Coffee and Health
-Barista Fundamentals; Tools and Equipment
-Use & Maintenance of Espresso Machine
-Preparing a Perfect shot of Espresso
-Coffee and Milk : Steam & Foam
-Basic Latte art: Etch
-Cold coffee - Concoction Basics
-Types of Coffee Grinds
-Use & Maintenance of Brewing Equipment
   (Drip, Steep, Vacuum)
-Brewed Coffee Appreciation
-Basic Coffee Service
-Basic Order Taking & Cashiering
-fundamentals of LATTE ART: FREE POUR

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-Ber s
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