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2019 Intensive Drawing+Painting Workshop (MANILA)

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In-Person / Workshop
Ended last May 24, 2019
PHP  38,500.00 (VAT inclusive)


Immerse yourself in the process of the classical masters and develop your drawing and painting skills in the fastest and most effective way. Take time to focus,  discover new techniques and absorb the time-tested teachings of the classical masters. 

(for ages 11 years and above only)


Classical Drawing (Basic) - 8 Sessions
Classical Drawing (Intermediate) - 7 Sessions
Traditional Oil Painting - 15 Sessions

I. Classical Drawing:

Skills-based learning is one of the most effective methods for teaching not only skills in drawing but also in the analysis of artworks. 
In the Classical Drawing course, students will learn to unleash the power of observation. 

Students will learn to recognize the natural world in abstracted form and will be able to break down the pictorial field in abstracted lines, textures, shapes, and values. We at the Atelier believe that honing the student’s visual perception increases his or her visual intelligence regardless of age.
In this course, students will learn a more disciplined drawing process and cultivate a workflow aligned with the atelier approach. The student will learn the ways lines express ideas and be more attuned to planar forms and tones. The student will be able to distinguish the elements of art, learn to identify and correct drawing errors, find accurate angles, and combine lines to form 

Session 1 – Line drawing (Bargue: Level 1) 
Session 2 – Planar forms and shadow shapes (Bargue: Level 2)
Session 3 – Tonal value (Bargue: Level 3)
Session 4 – Rendering Techniques (Bargue: Level 4-5)
Session 5 – Enlarging: Ratio and proportion (Bargue: Level 5)
Session 6 – Subtraction: a. Tonal preparation b. Surface and medium preparation processes
Session 7 – Application of all previous techniques and principles
Session 8 – Sepia rendering process and techniques
MAY 10
Session 1 – Enlarging: Ratio and proportion (Review and practice)
Session 2 – Enlarging: Ratio and proportion (Review and practice)
MAY 13
Session 3 – Plaster cast drawing
Session 4 – Plaster cast drawing
MAY 14
Session 5 – Plaster cast drawing
Session 6 – Live model portraiture
MAY 15
Session 7 -Live nude model

II. Oil Painting Basic and Advance:

The Galvez Atelier Oil Painting Workshops introduce the student to the materials, medium, techniques and processes in creating traditional oil paintings. The classes teach the proper techniques in rendering spatial depth and volume, layering, and color harmonies. Students will learn to paint alla prima, a technique of mixing colors on canvas and completing an artwork in one sitting. 
Let Galvez Atelier introduce you to the world of color harmonies, light and shadow, spatial depth, and more. Traditional Oil Painting classes equip students with the proper techniques in mixing colors on canvas and completing an artwork even in one sitting. 

1. Under painting and Imprimatura
MAY 15
Session 1 – Preparing the initial stage for painting
MAY 16
Session 2 – Light and shadow study
Session 3 – Transferring the image to the canvas
2. Limited Palette and Alla Prima
MAY 17
Session 4 – 2 colors plus black and white
MAY 17
Session 5 – 2 colors plus black and white (continue)
MAY 20
Session 6 – Application of the wet on wet technique
Session 7 – Application of the wet on wet technique
3. Grisaille,Glazing and Scumbling
MAY 21
Session 8 – Developing grisaille as underpainting
MAY 21
Session 9 – Developing grisaille as underpainting
MAY 22
Session 10 – Developing grisaille as underpainting
MAY 22 
Session 11 - Developing grisaille as underpainting
MAY 23
Session 12 – Applying transparent pigment by glazing or scumbling
Session 13 – Finishing (continuation)
MAY 24
Session 14 – Finishing (continuation)
Session 15 – Finishing (continuation)


Instructor 1- for Classical Drawing Basic and Traditional Oil Painting Grisaille to Scumbling


Founder and Atelier Director
Instructor for Intensive Drawing+Painting Workshops (Manila and Davao)
Apprenticeship Program (Manila and Davao)
and Decorative Painting (Murals, Chinoiserie, Grotesque, Floral Painting)

Alfred Galvez was exposed to Filipino masters at an early age. After spending much of his childhood in Davao City, he studied at the Philippine Highschool for the Arts in Makiling, Laguna. Eventually, Galvez studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman. At 17, he became an apprentice of Mariano Madarang from the Philippine Women’s University. He trained in the restoration and conservation of the paintings of Fernando Amorsolo, Carlos Francisco, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, and Juan Luna. Keen to develop his expertise, Alfred travelled to international shores in 2007 and studied under Marco Cavallini. The Bottega Arte in Florence, Italy is esteemed for trompe l’oeil techniques. Aside from the traditional Florentine approach to murals, the studio was also known for the architectural illusionistic technique called quadraturism. The artistic practice of Galvez ranges from portraits, murals, faux finishes transform the abode into a resplendent space. Alfred Galvez established AG murals in 2003. Together with younger muralists, he established MIKRA FAUX. The Kuwentong Diwata Series of Alfred Galvez have enthralled many art audiences and have been exhibited in galleries in Metro Manila. Pinoiserie, a series inspired by Filipino rural sceneries and leitmotifs invented by Galvez was also well received by gallerists and interior design specialists

Instructor 2- for Classical Drawing Intermediate (Life Drawing) and Traditional Oil Painting Limited Palette and Alla Prima

Ricky Ambagan

Instructor for Alla Prima (Short Course
Intensive Drawing+Painting Co-Instructor

Ricky Ambagan is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Fine Arts. To his credit are numerous solo exhibitions in art galleries in Manila, most of them staged in Galerie Anna. He has also participated in group exhibitions in Galerie Anna, Art Anton, Galerie Roberto, to name only a few. Ambagan has also exhibited at the Art Fair Philippines, Manila Art, the Erehwon Center for the Arts, and the National Museum. He has participated in several art competitions under the Government Services Insurance System, Philippine Art Awards, the Art Association of the Philippines, Metrobank, Petron, Shell, and others sponsored by companies from the private sector. While Ambagan believes that talent is innate, he insists on the value of discipline and hard work to “awaken the sleeping giant” in all of us. For Ambagan, Galvez Atelier will provide the basic foundations for being a good artist. “Before you break rules or foundations, make sure you first acquire the rules and proper foundation,” he says. 



No. of Days: 15
Total Hours: 90
No. of Participants: 8
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