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Professional Culinary and Pastry Arts Career Program
(1year Diploma Course, MWF or TTH schedule) Php. 308,000.00
•all ingredients
•Binder for Manual
•Free Locker
•Chef's kit:
1pcs. Chef's Knife 8"
1pc. Pairing knife
1pc. Boning knife
1pc. Peeler
1pc. Wire whisk
1pc. Wooden Spoon
1pc. Offset Spatula 6"
1pc. Offset Spatula 8"
1pc. Digital Thermometer
1pc. Flat Spatula
1pc. Rubber Spatula
1pc. Scissors
2pcs. Piping bag
1pc. Tickler
2pcs. Kitchen towel
1pc. Round tip
1pc. Star tip
1pc. Chef's Bag
2pcs. Chef's Jacket
2pcs. Chef's Pants
2pcs. Apron
2pcs. Neckerchief
2pcs. Skull Cap
1pc. School ID
1. resume
2. 2pc passport size picture
3. birth certificate
4. transcript of records
5. high school or college diploma
6. medical certificate for urinalysis and hepa
Disclaimer: If a class doesn't hit ten (10) or more students, the school will re-schedule the opening at a later date
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            The Atlas Culinary Institute is an education based company, dedicated to teaching restaurant-centric knowledge to aspiring students all across the Philippines. Their programs can take about several months for serious enthusiasts, to even a few hours for the more casual clients. The School is located near the heart of Dasmariñas City; conveniently situated along Governor’s Dirve, a main road that is highly accessible to those living in the vicinity. Current facilities of the school include a 300 square meter building; the space includes the school’s classroom, lecture room, library, coffee shop, kitchen laboratories, storage space, and reception area.


            Established last June 2015, the fledgling company was spearheaded by chefs, Lawrence and Camille Zafra, who are both influencers in the restaurant consultancy business. The concept of the school was brought to life by the owners’ desire to give not only an affordable and  practical education, but also to bring closer top quality culinary education closer to students who live outside Metro Manila, and plan to work for hotels or even put up food service businesses. Its long standing industry partners scale far and wide, from small scale local farmers to food industry giants; Atlas Culinary Institute is devoted to utilizing all their resources in giving their students the far range of knowledge and utilities they can offer. ...

Atlas Culinary Institute Inc.
Governor's Drive Langkaan I, DASMARIÑAS, Cavite, Philippines 4114
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