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Course Description
This two-day course provides practical and legal guidelines on how to professionally 

manage the day-to-day operations of your company and HRD department.  It 
illustrates standard operating procedures of the different functions of the Human 
Resource Department from recruiting, managing, monitoring, disciplining and 
dismissing employees.  It provides best practices in records management and the 
documentation needed for efficient HR operations.   A definite must for all HR officers.


Course Highlights:
1.   HRD Operations & Administration Assessment
2.   Professional HR vs Unprofessional HR operations
3.   Structuring Your HR Department
4.   HR Functions and Standard Operating Procedures
5.   Components of an HR Manual
6.   Developing Your HRD Operations Manual
7.   Managing Interdepartmental HR Communications
8.   HRD Documentation & Records Management
9.   Repercussions and Issues of Records Mishandling
10. Sample forms & templates for HRD processes & issues

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Special Bonus: HR Instant Toolkit brought you by HR Club Philippines

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