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Course Description:
A 2-day seminar designed for anyone who wanted to enhanced their knowledge and skills in construction work scheduling and control. The seminar consists of lecture, discussions, and tabletop exercises that will help develop participants’ abilities in developing project schedule using various network diagramming techniques.
Course Objectives:
At the end of this seminar, the participants shall be able to; • Demonstrate the ability of identifying all the major deliverables and their activities into a complete and well defined Work Breakdown Structure (WBS); • Define the requirements and characteristics of each activity in the WBS; • Arrange all the activities into a logical sequence; • Estimate durations of each defined activity; • Calculate early event times, late event times and floats of all activities; • Develop a project schedule using network analysis; • Apply techniques on how to expedite work to bring project schedule on track (fast tracking and schedule crashing); • Implement and apply schedule control in order to bring project on track.
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