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This module will establish that an efficient process must be set up in order that amortized accounts and loans must be managed from birth to death and how it should have been done focusing on the following aspects:
     A. How to grant credit considering the risk and mitigating factors
     B. Knowing the cause of their high delinquency rate, and how to prevent the same
     C. Knowing the appropriate legal remedy.
     D. Knowing the Best Practices in the Credit and Collection Industry.
     A. Understand the importance of credit investigation
     B. Understand that Credit Investigation is a continuing process, and not a onetime activity only
     C. Equip employees with necessary skills in the conduct of data gathering
     D. Instill Best Practices in Credit Investigation among practitioners

     A. Credit and Collection Personnel
     B. Credit Investigators
     C. Credit Evaluators
     D. Sales Personnel
     E. Tele Collectors
     F. Field Collectors

     A. Nature of Credit
     B. Importance of Credit and Collection
     C. KYC – Know your Client
     D. Six C’s of Credit
     E. Importance of Credit Evaluation
     F. How to Evaluate Credit Worthiness
    G. Establishing Credit Line
    H. Credit Scoring
     I. Credit Term – Reckoning Point
    J. Factors in Increasing Credit Line
    K. Handling Transactions Exceeding Credit Line
     A. Concept / Capacity
     B. Target Setting
     C. Basis of Collection
     D. Customer Service as a Collection Tool
     E. Bucketing your Receivables
     F. Pre Delinquency Activities
     G. Minimum Collection Activities
     H. Tele Collection Techniques
     I. Significance of Demand Letter
     J. Highlights of Bouncing Checks Law (Violation of BP Blg. 22)
     K. Legal VS Remedial
     L. Highlights on the Rules on Small Claims Cases
     M. BSP Circular 454-2004 (Unfair Collection Practices Act)

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