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Ended last Sep 07, 2019
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This 8-hour program is created to set your employees on fire and keep them motivated and with the right attitude. The module is designed to help employees see the value of their work and increase their awareness of their personal and corporate values.
The discussions center around reflecting on company core values and how they contribute to the attainment of the company’s vision and mission. The core values are meant to inspire, and this training attempts to achieve that purpose by bridging company values to the employee’s personal values.

This specially designed “WORK ATTITUDES AND VALUES ENRICHMENT Program” aims to allow YOUR COMPANY employees to:
     1. Understand what we stand for (our values) as an organization
     2. Have greater insight into ourselves and how we affect our co-workers
     3. Reflect and determine how we can contribute to achieving the company vision.
     4. Link personal values with company values
     5. Facilitate the achievement of greater insight into themselves and how they affect YOUR COMPANY.
     a. Increase personal commitment to live out behaviors that demonstrate their foundational values.
     b. Increase commitment to assist others (within their sphere of influence) live out the values.
     6. Turn negative into positive, helpful attitudes.
     7. Provide opportunities for knowing others, bonding and fun.

     This workshop is highly interactive with group and individual reflective exercises, facilitator-led discussions and immediate applications for an audience of up to 30 participants.

     A. Introduction to Workshop
     B. Expectation Setting and Intro to Workshop Flow by Facilitator (20 mins)
     C. Getting-to-know-you Exercise

     • Reflection on Company’s Vision and Mission
     • Discussion on Vision and how we help our company achieve our vision
     • Understanding Values
     • Values discussion (behaviors aligned and misaligned to values)
     • Reflection questions on supporting desired values

     • Video Case Study on the Importance of ‘Choosing Your Attitude’
     • Discussion on How Work Attitude affects Altitude
     • Reflection Activity in Knowing Oneself and How their Attitudes Affect Relationships with Others in the Company
     • Team Activity in Helping Others get a Bigger Dimension of Themselves and have a better attitude
     • Turning negative into Positive Attitudes
     • Personal Action planning: “What Do I Do Differently?”
     • Closing Video Case Study on Overcoming Personal Handicaps

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COMPETAD stands for Competitive Advantage. In the ever pressing demands of competition in the business community, what can truly set apart a company is its ability to gain a competitive advantage. This is something that can only be attained through the enhancement of the human resource. As COMPETAD specializes in providing you quality training, we hope to provide a competitive advantage to our aspiration partners*.

Formally launching on August 10, 2015, COMPETAD takes the next step to success by establishing itself as a business and building an online presence. Uniting a force of highly trained professionals, consultants, and specialists into one organization, here are our vision and mission for the business:



  • To be the nation’s leader in providing high quality training that will ensure a greater productivity to the widest possible range of companies from various industries.


Mission :

  • To provide high quality and competitive training solutions to our aspiration partners* while putting together the best professionals in their respective industries into one organization in delivering effective and result-driving competency programs. ...
COMPETAD Training and Professional Development Services
84 Kalayaan Avenue Brgy. Central Quezon City, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
02 433 3342
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