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This program of Effective Compensation and Benefits Administration is a learning session for payroll processors and HR personnel in the Philippines. This learning session will include learning about the basics of the Philippine Labor Law on Workers’ Compensation and Benefit Administration. It aims to empower payroll processors and HR in effectively managing compensation administration by helping them learn about the basic and necessary procedures in compensation and benefits. This program will also include some practical guidelines and current industry best practices in compensation and benefits administration.

The opening section will aim to establish an understanding of critical compensation and benefit administration is to both the worker and the company.

I – Knowing the Compensation Basics governed by Philippine Labor Law
     A. Working Conditions as set in the Philippine Labor Law
     B. The concepts of Time (in consideration of work)

II – Compensation (Payroll) Processes & its components
     A. Gross pay as payroll component (Earnings)
     B. Government Mandatory Benefits
     C. Allowable deductions and recurring items
     D. Compensation taxes in the Philippines

III – Compensation Documentation, Recording and Safekeeping
     A. How to properly document compensation records
     B. What are the necessary recording for administered compensation
     D. How to safe keep compensation records properly

IV – Industry Best Practices in effective compensation and benefit administration

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