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Food and Beverage Services NCII WEEKEND TRAINING ! 


apply for early bird enrollment and get 25% discount 
plus another discount on refferals 

class schedule 9am to 4pm 

training start this August 2019
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7-Star Educational Academy Corporation formerly known as 7-Star Educational Academy Inc.  founded on May 2019 and part of the 7-Star Group of Companies. 
We are in partner with local and international job opportunity focused on tourism sector. 
We are also glad to have a certified trainer for Barista and Food and Beverage whoch provide a holistic and quality education for every student. 

Vision :
7-Star Educational Academy Corporation aims to become the leading training school in the Philippines by the year 2020.


7-Star Educational Academy is committed to provide:

  a. Quality Education – through intensified training and evaluation of instructor

  b. Social Corporate Responsibility- through scholarships and loans

  c. Employment – through network and linkages



  “Holistic and Transformational Learning”


Core Values:


  Integrity and Uprightness

  Efficiency and Discipline

  Leadership and Teamwork

  Student-Centered and Meritocracy

7-Star Educational Academy Corporation
827 P. Paredes St. FERN Bldg
251-5139/ 230-4253
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