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Culture of Personal Leadership and Excellence

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Why Join the Workshop?

After the workshop, participants are expected to:

  • Realize their own potential for personal leadership through building on strengths, improving self-image and motivation
  • Make choices for success by overcoming past conditioning
  • Experience self-motivation by altering attitudes, behaviors and habits
  • Develop a written and specific plan of action for goal achievement and success.
  • Learn genuine and positive leadership skills
  • Act with integrity and sound values
  • Encourage and coach others toward greater success
  • Improve productivity and daily accomplishments
  • Overcome de-motivators and obstacles
  • Build a team of high achievers
  • Prepare for future leadership

Course Outline:

      Your Potential for Personal Leadership

      Making Choices for Success

      Motivation Through Attitudes and Habits

      Designing Your Personal Growth

      Developing a Personal Plan of Action

      Developing a Personal Plan of Action

      Leadership Essentials

      Realizing Your Full Potential

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Integrated Logistics Academy is an affiliate of Inland Corporation that provides in-house and public technical and corporate training programs. We customize our courses tailor-fit to our clients' specific needs ensuring an effective adult learning experience.
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