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  1. Introduction
    1. What is a Paralegal; essential functions and roles
    2. Basic knowledge to acquire in preparing for a Paralegal job

                                                               i.      Familiarity with court and quasi-judicial proceedings

  1. Civil Litigation
    1. Full blown civil case
    2. Small Claims Procedure
  2. Criminal Procedure
  3. Administrative Proceedings
  4. Workshop

                                                              ii.      General understanding of the law, legal language and  requirements in the preparation and filing of pleadings

  1. Rules of Statutory Construction
  2. Workshop

                                                            iii.      A Survey of the Basics in the most pervasive fields of law:  Obligations and Contract Law, Persons and Family Law, Property Registration, Labor Law, Corporation Law and Corporate Governance

  1. Workshop
  1. Administrative work in the course of assisting the lawyer:

How to go about them

  1.  Conduct of Administrative Investigations, Evidence Gathering and other Admin-related tasks

                                                               i.      Rules of Evidence Essential to Paralegal’s Knowledge

                                                              ii.       Rules of Administrative Cases in the Civil Service (RACCS)

                                                            iii.       Workshop

  1.  Role of Paralegal before, during and after trial


  1. Legal Research and Writing
    1. Sources for and Techniques in Legal Research
    2. Legal Forms & Contract Preparation
    3. Legal Reasoning
    4. Basics of Simple Legal Writing
    5. Workshop


  1. Tips to become the ideal Paralegal
    1. Essential Skills of a Paralegal

The Rewards of a fruitful career


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 14
No. of Participants: 10
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CFS Creative Training & Management is a Filipino-owned company which started in January 2001, tracing its roots to CFS Continental Technology established in September 1996. The company’s four (4) divisions (Editorial & Creative Design, Corporate Training, Events Management and Consultancy) are engaged in conducting effective communication and personal empowerment seminars and arranging packages designed for companies’ needs.

Editorial & Creative Design Division - (Editorial) handles editing (newsletter, brochures, flyers) and writing press releases; (Creative Design) specializes in layouting, photography, designing and conceptualizing corporate brochures, flyers, posters;

Corporate Training Division - offers success and motivation workshops;

Events Management Division - assists companies/institutions in organizing field trips, corporate outing, concerts and exhibits;

Consultancy Services Division - provides technical advice on various corporate concerns, particularly in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Labor Law, Purchasing and Human Resource.

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