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Course Overview

The operative function of human resources management involves talent management referring to the integrated process of attracting, motivating, and retaining productive and engaged employees in an organization. Its process starts with the recruitment, all the way to the hiring of a potential employee which continues up to the employee’s personal development within the organization. This function also ensures the betterment of the people and their performance by acquiring new and relevant information through trainings, development, and career planning. Moreover, this function tries to show a clear and direct relationship between the organizational goals with the work of employees through appraisal, improvement, and intervention. This session shall provide its participants a knowhow on the important steps to determine appropriate management practices to promote an equal growth opportunity for employees.

Course Objectives

The aim of this session is to enhance the understanding of an HR specialist on the importance of developing its employees and further, to improve the organization’s engagement on various trainings relevant to their duties and functions. Specifically, by the end of the training workshop,
participants must be able to:

  1. Determine a performance-based monitoring system for its organization;
  2. Identify the internal and external challenges employees face in performing their duties and
  3. Determine relevant trainings needed to enhance the performance of the individual
    employees; and
  4. Develop a training plan for their organization.


Course Outline
  1. Talent Management
    a. Introduction
    b. The Employment Process
  2. Performance Management
    a. Components and Guidelines
    b. Performance Management Systems
    c. Coaching and Counseling
  3. Organizational Development
    a. Knowledge Management
    b. Best Practices
  4. Training Plan Development
    a. Succession Planning


SPEAKER: Rose Magno

She has a 15 year plus veteran of training, coaching, consulting, years of successful sales, buying and negotiation practice, a practitioner in the fields of human resources, via her original framework, processes, and tools. She has contributed much science to business as the pioneering developer of HR strategy, nego-mapping methodology, and effective coordination to smoothed communications in organizations and more. She is a valuable combination of being a resource speaker, a seasoned and successful practitioner Human Resource Management, an educator, and a consultant. She has closely worked with the industrial sector, private and government agencies for the sustainability of the organizations.

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DISCOUNTED PRICE: Php 2,999.99 (30 days before the seminar date)

REGULAR RATE: Php 3,999.99

GROUP RATE (minimum of 5 participants): Php 2,799.99

GROUP RATE (minimum of 10 participants) : Php 2,499.99

To register, please call or text:
Tel. no.: (02) 745-0535
Globe: 0917-8387668
Smart: 0998-8627258

Look for Ms. Shay or Ms. Meg

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