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Food and Beverage Services NCII


Mr. Bernardino Victor
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There is no gain saying the fact that the hospitality industry holds the Filipino workers in the highest esteem not only for his adaptability, communication skills and natural talent but also for his indomitable spirit that often makes him the most dependable person on Hotel and Restaurant Services; attribute that are often challenged by the need for a more professional finish to his hands-on training.
           We are pleased to announce that TResources Hospitality Assessment and Training Center (THATC) Inc. has dedicated itself in raising the bar of Hospitality excellence and competence. This is not, however, by all means, the end of it. More like the beginning.
           TResources Hospitality Assessment and Training Center (THATC) Inc. is engaged in the development and provision of Hospitality Training courses. A combination of our mandatory, in-house and customized courses creates a range of training programs for Hotel and Restaurant Services.
           TResources Hospitality Assessment and Training Center (THATC) Inc. is continually on an equipment acquisition program and facilities' upgrading designed to elevate our training capabilities attuned with the global standards. It has likewise adopted a work ethic dedicated to the provision of the best possible training and the formation of a highly regarded and reputable training institution. ...
TResources Hospitality Assessment and Training Center (THATC), Inc.
5768 Kalayaan Avenue, Brgy. Pinagkaisahan Makati City, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1213
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