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Supervisory Competency Enhancement

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In-Person / Seminar
Ended last Jan 15, 2020
PHP  2,499.99 (VAT inclusive)


Course Overview
Planning is a crucial step in an organization in order to remain relevant and adaptive to the needs of its stakeholders. It establishes benchmarks to identify outputs and outcomes of an organizations’ efforts making way for the development of new programs. Moreover, the planning process provides an overview to the managers as to how a program is to be implemented and how does it links up to the goals and objectives of an organization. Specifically, Strategic Planning gives emphasis on looking into the future to which present action plans are examined against external factors that can affect the performance of an organization. Understanding emerging threats and issues in an organization can also be an aim for a Strategic Plan as it tries to explore the most efficient and effective way to address these gaps.

Course Objectives

In general, the aim of the Training-Workshop is to develop a strategic plan for the DOH-TRC that will consists of short-term and long-term goals. Specifically, by the end of the workshop-training the objectives are to:

  1. Understand the existing organizational structure of the organization;
  2. Develop a SWOT analysis by (1) Identifying opportunities, (2) determining external/internalthreats, (3) and assessing its strengths and weaknesses;
  3. Establish an approach/activity as to how the goals and objectives will be achieved;
  4. Select Key Performance Indicators to measure the progress of each specific activity; and
  5. Link the selected indicators to higher level outcome indicators (goals) for monitoring and evaluation.
  6. Understand the concept of Knowledge Management


Course Outline

The program for the supervisory competency is composed of a combination of lectures, presentations and group exercises to enhance their understanding of their role as managers of an organization.

1. Benchmarking the Organization
a. Review and development of Mission and Vision statements of an organization

  1. Identifying Actions
    1. Specifying the purpose for each of the major functions
    2. Identification of objectives for each of the goals identified by the core divisions/sections
    3. Determining specific actions to achieve the objectives of the divisions/sections
  2. Strategizing Implementation
    1. Identification of the short-term and mid-term actions
    2. Development of a timeline consisting of a step-by-step process on the implementation of the action plan based on the SWOT analysis
    3. Projection of budget for short-term actions identified
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation
  1. Identification of Key Performance Indicators for short-term and mid-term objectives
  2. Identification of higher level outcomes for each of the core functions of each specificdivision/section
  3. Linking of short-term output indicators and higher level outcomes.

5. Knowledge Management

  1. Concept and Processes
  2. Documentation of Best Practices




She has wide experience working in private firms. She has worked in multi-national and Filipino-owned companies exposing her to different cultures and work discipline. She values being part of these various institutions in her 15 years career. She is a licensed Electronics & Communications Engineer with earned MBA units and has a Class B radio License from the National Telecommunications Commission and a graduate of Ateneo De Naga University a Communication Specialist. She has wide experience in
conducting various training such as Developing a Winning Personality, Leadership Training, Enter the Digital Path to Success, Radio Training, and Personality Development Workshops, Acquisitions and Business, Nanotechnology and many others.
She has been sought as a speaker for numerous conventions and conferences of varied industries as well as the academe as she aims to improve systems of every client she encounters.


Meg B. Marzan is the founder and Chief Operations Officer of Ilearn International Institute, a human resource development provider capable of creating client oriented training programs that are informative, practical, and enjoyable with the use of up-to-date modules, emerging technologies, and best practices. As a trainer and founder of iLearn she was able to provide training and consulting programs for clients such as EEI Corporation, Delfi Marketing Inc, Shell Petroleum Pilipinas, Puregold, Dole Asia, LBC Express, Unilever and participates in the contribution to provide better service for Filipino people by serving government clients such as GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund, DOH, PNOC, OTC and PDEA among others. She has a valuable combination of being a resource speaker, a successful practitioner, an educator, and a consultant for Logistics, Supply Chain, Purchasing and Procurement, International Shipping & Brokerage, General Management, Assets and Property management. She recently acquired a Certification on Human Resource Management from the International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM) which is a globally recognized designation for HR Professionals.

An active and proud member of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers who aim to commit to upholding the holistic development of professional speakers in the country by continuously developing core competencies: Eloquence, Expertise, Enterprise, Ethics, and Extension. As a learning advocate and having an entrepreneur mindset, she believes that through Continuous Professional Learning she helps build the Nation One Employee One Company at A Time.

Special Offer


DISCOUNTED PRICE: Php 2,499.99 for January to March Topics 2020 only 
REGULAR RATE: Php 2,999.99
GROUP RATE (minimum of 5 participants)   : Php 2,799.99
GROUP RATE (minimum of 10 participants) : Php 2,499.99



Book your seats now! Call 7745-0535 / 8401-0164/ 8404-1672 and look for Ms. Alyka Magracia or Aprille Mae Anay or email at [email protected]

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iLearn Professional Solutions, Inc. organizes and initiate business, profession and personality development related seminars and training that empower its clients to improve, excel and succeed. A human resource development provider capable of creating client-oriented training programs that are informative, practical, and enjoyable with the use of up-to-date modules, emerging technologies, and best practices.
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