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Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts - A seven (7) month program that aims to educate students from Basic to Advance Cooking Methods and Techniques inside the kitchen including how to braise, poach, roast, and other knife skills techniques.


Here are the modules covered by the program.  

Module 1: Food Safety & Sanitation

The course starts with a lecture stressing the importance of sanitation, characteristics and causes of food borne illness, and preventing unsanitary conditions. Aside from this, students are also trained by the Philippine Red Cross to prepare them during emergency situations.

Module 2: Basic Culinary Skills
Knife handling is one of the most basic building blocks in culinary arts. Whether it’s the students first time in the kitchen or not, the 16-session module will help them sharpen their basic skills with greater consistency and confidence. Class begins with a tutorial on proper posture and knife handling. Kitchen terminology will become their second language. After a series of slicing and dicing, students then will sharpen their skills in deboning chicken, beef, and pork as well as filleting fish. They are trained to create great soups with its basic stocks even without using recipes.

Module 3: Food Science
This module presents a more advanced technique in food preparation. Topics covered include breakfast foods, rice, beans, potatoes, and the basic cooking techniques such as blanching, braising sautéing, etc. Mastery of cooking technique is an essential yet a difficult aspect of the culinary craft. These dry heat, moist heat, and combination heat cooking methods are taught carefully as students produce great treasures in the kitchen.

Module 4: Garde Manger
Students get to be creative at this module as they prepare their hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. They will learn how to make their own sausages, pâtés, rillettes, ham, and confit. With various methods on curing, salting, and smoking, working with seasonings and casings will be explored. At the end of the course, students get to share their sumptuous spread of mouthwatering dishes to their families and friends as they prepare a buffet for the guests.

Module 5: Wellness Cooking
Being healthy is more than being physically fit. This course offers a comprehensive review of food, nutrients and nutrition. Major nutrient classes (such as carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals) and the relationship of food and nutrients to areas of current interest (including diets and weight control) will be discussed. Students will also practice cooking and serving food simultaneously.

Module 6: Externship
At the end of their in-class training, all students are assigned an externship. The program will help them with their careers in the future. This is to give students a short actual experience in the kitchen. An application is usually required in hotels and restaurants where students are interviewed by the institution. This can also help students learn more about effective techniques for achieving employment. With the required 400 hours of training, it is a chance for them to observe, ask questions and gain hands on learning within the hotel or restaurant in order to meet their professional goals.

Module 7: TESDA Assessment, Final Exam
Students are tested on what they learned in the whole course with a comprehensive final exam in the lecture room and in the kitchen.


Mats Loo

Having begun his career at the tender age of 14 in his native Sweden, Mats entered another stage in his life when he founded First Gourmet Academy with his partners. As an instructor, he is recognized for his strong grasp of culinary fundamentals and global standards, a result of honing his skills in several Michelin star restaurants around the world such as the Villa Källhagen in Stockholm, Westra Piren in Gothenburg, Sweden and Le Meridien in Piccadilly, London. At the Restaurant Akademin in Sweden, he worked with the academic head to offer further educational courses for restaurant professionals. He then mastered the nuances of mass production, purchasing, food chemistry and international flavors working as an Executive Chef in several cruise ships for 10 years, including the MS Endeavour and MS Polaris. He shares his knowledge and passion with future culinary artists through his First Gourmet Academy classes.

Ziggy Segunial
Asian cuisines as well as healthy food and nutrition are something that Ziggy knows a lot about. He has been in the culinary profession for almost 20 years. His previous work at Philippine Airlines Inflight Catering developed his skills in preparing special food (based on different diets), wellness and balanced meals, as well as individual preferences. He has also done a lot of consulting jobs for Asia Pacific and Far East Hotel Consultancy Company. His culinary career also took him to South Korea and Vancouver, Canada to work for a well-known Korean international restaurant chain which specializes on the standards of fast food business and franchising. At the moment, he is handling our Fundamentals of Culinary Arts short course, Asian cuisine courses, and courses focused on healthy food.

Marie Bonus
Marie Bonus has been a baker and an artist by heart since her grade school years. Growing up, she has excelled and pursued her passion for both crafts – first by finishing college with a degree in Fine Arts and later by getting her diploma in Pastry Arts from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. Her combined passion for both arts opened a lot of opportunities for her to enhance her expertise at famous restaurants and patisserie shops such as Financier Patisserie, David Burke at Bloomingdales and the world-class restaurant Nobu, all located in the Big Apple.

Mary Anne Picazo
Her love for arts and design led this Entrepreneurship graduate to her passion in Culinary Arts. Right after her formal training in First Gourmet Academy, she flew right away to a Celebrity Chef’s restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana to further explore, experience and hone her purpose driven passion in Culinary Arts.  Her love for creating exquisite dishes led her to further immerge herself to the global culinary scene which nourished, developed and mastered her skills even more. Working in a fine dining restaurant in Sydney, Australia, under a team led by a Japanese Iron Chef helped her develop wisdom and skills in multitasking, teamwork, organization and menu building etc. After several years of hard work in a demanding and fast paced kitchens, she further realized her calling and responsibility - to share her experiences with the next generation students at First Gourmet Academy. 

Jojo Bolivar
Jojo Bolivar, a graduate of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, decided to pursue his love for the culinary arts and decided that First Gourmet Academy was the right school for him. After graduating, he was able to work immediately as a Cook and Food & Beverage Supervisor in a local hotel. There, he was able to further hone and develop his skills and knowledge in the field especially in food costing and menu development. Afterward, he managed to get an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia as a Commis Chef was assigned to the hot kitchen and breads which help further expand his knowledge to both areas which lead him to be promoted to the position of Demi Chef de Partie. He spent quite a lot of time working abroad and when he came back, he accepted the offer given to him to share his acquired experiences and knowledge to the aspiring students of First Gourmet Academy.

Thomas Paul
He has been in the field of Culinary Arts for almost 40 years. He started as a Commis de cuisine at Hotel International, and served the German Army where he was elected as a cook. He studied after, and became a certified culinary instructor. He continued with his career, worked and at the same time traveled the world through food. Some of these places are Treasure Island at Las Vegas, Bellagio, The Shore Club, Mandalay Bay and The Mansion MGM Grand.

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First Gourmet Academy is the Top Culinary School in the Country.
It has started as an educational institution dedicated to graduate committed students as chefs with culinary experiences grounded in theoretical and practical skills recognized by the international culinary industry. The Academy has evolved, however, to an institution that not only graduate students as chefs but also an organization that generously shares advice and give continuous support to the graduates even after their graduation. This adheres to the school’s mission of giving culinary education and assisting committed students to become the most professional and highest regarded chefs today.

Boasting of a more affordable yet high quality education, First Gourmet Academy continues to promulgate its mission while constantly reinventing itself to keep pace with the constantly advancing techniques of the modern culinary world.

For dedicated students who wish to pursue a rewarding career in the culinary profession, First Gourmet Academy offers a comprehensive and rigorous hands-on world-class curriculum that is designed to propel deserving students into the world of culinary arts. With experienced instructors, top teaching facilities and state of the art kitchen equipment, First Gourmet Academy is at par with world class institutions in imparting the appropriate culinary skills necessary to keep pace with the increasing global demand for competent chefs. ...
First Gourmet Academy
2nd Floor, Capitol Green Street Building, Capitol Hills DriveOld Balara, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1119
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