NDT Certification Course : Level I Infrared Thermography Certification Course | March 24th-27th,2020 | Manila PH by Global Condition Monitoring Institute Inc. - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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This 32 hour course for the application of qualitative thermal imaging is designed to meet and exceed the educational requirements for all global Thermography standards. Level 1 teaches the fundamentals infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, IR camera operation, condition monitoring (CM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) applications, image analysis and report generation. Students are trained to identify and analyze thermal patterns caused by improper design, workmanship or material failure. Applications from most industries are covered, so you will be able to perform inspections at your site on your equipment and processes. Specific applications include: electrical and mechanical systems, steam systems, process vessels, refractory, piping-above and underground, building façade and energy loss, moisture detection. To obtain maximum value from the infrared instrument, the course includes hands-on instrument operations teaching the basics of IR camera operation of your specific brand of infrared instrument. Owning an infrared camera is not required for attendance! But for learning, participants are encouraged to bring their own specific brand of camera to class. After completing this course and fulfilling the course requirements, the attendees will be prepared to handle most industrial infrared applications, be able to collect accurate data, interpret infrared images and properly document the findings.

Who should take this course?

This course is for those with no prior experience and/or no formal training. This course is intended as an introduction for anyone using an infrared thermal imaging camera, or anyone interested in purchasing one.

On-Site or Customized Training

On-site session at your facility is also available. Over 50% of our courses are performed at the customers’ site! If the above schedule doesn’t meet your facility’s needs please contact us for a customized training schedule.


The Institute of infrared Thermography is the #1 global independent provider of infrared PdM Training and Education No matter where you are in the world. IRT is able to provide the education you require, infrared camera operations and certification or application course on your site or ours!

Level I This course is designed to meet and exceed ASNT SNT-TC-1A. BINDT CM/IRT, the European standard and ISO. At the Institute, we understand the importance to attain a theoretical background to any technique prior to attempting to perform inspections. Once the technology and technique is fully understood, an in-depth results orientated program can be initiated. This course will present case studies that present real problems that the thermographer will experience in the field. To obtain maximum value from the infrared instrument, the course includes daily hands-on instrument operation that will teach the basics of the camera operation as well as the detailed operational features of your specific brand of infrared instrument.

Owning an infrared camera is not required for attendance1 but for learning participants are encouraged to bring their own specific brand of camera to class.

Applications from most industries will be covered, so you will be able to perform inspections at your site on your equipment and processes.

Course Outline:

Principles of Infrared Thermography What is infrared thermography? The Nature of heat and Temperature Heat Transfer Mode Familiarization Conduction Fundamentals - Fourier’s law (concept only) - Conductivity / Resistance Basics Convection Fundamentals
- The effect on the IR Inspection - Recognizing and Dealing with Convection - Thermal/Infrared physics
Radiation Fundamentals Planck’s Law, Stephen Boltzmann law Wien’s Law Radiosity Concepts Radiometry and IR imaging Reflectance, Transmittance, Absorptance, Emittance Recognizing and Dealing with Reflections

Spatial Resolution Concepts Infrared Equipment Operation Introduction Selection Criteria range span and level settings How infrared instruments work IR Equipment Operation/Controls and Features • Select the Best Perspective • IR wavebands and lens materials • Use of Filters and Lenses • Optimizing the image

Quantitative Thermography Performance of infrared cements Imaging concepts select the best Perspective, image/special focus Thermal Focus Range, Level and Span False, real or Apparent Anomalies Performing on infrared inspection Image interpretation and documentation Support Data collection and Environmental considerations

Quantitative Thermography Temperature Measurement functions Performing Accurate Temperature Measurements Emissivity Determination The effect of Distance and Target Size Field Quantification Checking Equipment Calibration Error potential in Remote Measurement Atmospheric attenuation Alternate Technologies and Support Equipment For Infrared Inspections Error Potential in radiant Measurement

Infrared Application Overview Condition Monitoring Principles Control Values Support Equipment for infrared inspection CM Application - Electrical System- Generation, distribution ,in- plant application, theory and thermal signature Examples, responsibilities of thermographer and end user - Mechanical Systems: rotating equipment, bearings, power transmission components, gears

- Process Applications, petrochemical, power generation, steam systems, process vessels, furnaces, fluid flow heat exchangers, cryogenics, insulation, refractory, tube/pipe blockages etc. - Building Thermography; theory and component construction losses by insufficient, missing damaged or improperly installed insulation. Convection losses by uncontrolled air movement, moisture characteristics and detection. - Low Slope Root inspection; moisture instruction, energy loss/gain - Reference and standards
Report & Documentation
Elements of a Good report Properly document the findings Report Presentation Database Programs IR Software Generic Overview

Healthy and Safety

Risk assessment Methods statements Personal safety Gear Safety practices


Trainer’s Profile : Mr. Ron Newport, BSC. Elect. Eng.; FI. Diag. Eng.; Level III Thermographer

The Institute of Infrared Thermography (IRT) is the training division of the group of companies headed by the principle Mr. Ron Newport. The principle company, Global Condition Monitoring INC., provides training and education in Predictive Maintenance techniques as well as inspections and consulting services. His first company, Infraview Energy Analysis, was a successful IR inspection company that was started in 1977 at a time when thermography was virtually unknown for industrial applications. Ron has enjoyed a 35+ year career in Infrared Thermography and Predictive Maintenance. Today, he still performs inspections and training with partners around the world.
Mr Newport is an internationally acclaimed expert within the infrared industry and is recognised worldwide as the number one educator, developer, promoter of infrared thermography. He performed his first infrared course for Petrochemical Inspection Engineers from around the world in 1979. He was instrumental in developing the Level I and Level II courses. In 1984, he developed and conducted the first ever Level II thermography training course in the world.

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Why Institute of Infrared Thermography as your training provider?

IRT is an independent Infrared Training Organization. We do not belong to or are owned by any Infrared Camera Sales Company of Infrared manufacturer. IRT arranges courses in which all can attend, no matter which brand of infrared camera owned. This means you receive unbiased education on any infrared camera you have.

We are thoroughly knowledgeable with every brand of instrument. Infrared manufacturers and sales representatives sell cameras into nearly every country in the world and send students to our Institute to train. This means IRT potentially provides training in over 32 countries. Beside the regularly scheduled courses, IRT provides specific on-site training at large companies that have several thermographers on staff. We have trained hundreds of organizations like Intel, ESSO, PetroCanada, Mobil Oil, Shell, Norsk Hydro, Ontario Power, Singapore Power, TNB (Malaysia Power), General Motors, Ford, Westinghouse, Eaton/Cuttler Hammer, and so on.

Institute of Infrared Thermography
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