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Power System Analyses are an essential part of electrical power system design. Load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, and protection coordination are necessary to verify that the electrical system including the system components, are correctly specified to perform as intended, withstand expected stress, and be protected against failures.


1. Enumerate the fundamental principles of load flow analysis, short circuit analysis and protection coordination.
2. Analyze and examine theories, formulas and techniques for power system analysis: per-unit calculations, symmetrical components, and fault calculations,
3. Interpret and perform short circuit analysis and voltage drop calculations and analyze the use of protective devices: fuse, circuit breaker and overcurrent relays
4. Review of fundamental considerations for protection, including data gathering, fault calculations, equipment and safety.
5. Utilize power system software to create and modify one-line drawings and time-current curve (TCC)
6. Interpret TCCs and equipment damage curves


Day 1 (8 Hours)





-System Modeling




-Objectives of Load flow analysis

-Load Flow Calculation using Manual Calculation

-Load Flow Calculation using Manual Calculation using power system software (SKM Power tools)

Day 2 (8 Hours)




-Short Circuit Characteristics

-Symmetrical and asymmetrical currents

-Verification of Available short circuit currents

-Interrupting rating and withstand rating

-Balanced Short Circuit Calculation using per unit method

- Balanced Short Circuit Calculation using power system software (SKM Power tools)

-Unbalanced Short Circuit Analysis

-Symmetrical Components

-Sequence Networks

Day 3 (8 Hours)




-Time Current Characteristic Curves

-Equipment Damage Curves

-Protective Device Characteristics

-Fundamental Aspects of Coordination

-Protection Settings

-Coordinating Time Interval

-Ground Fault Protection

-Protection Coordination using power system software

(SKM Power*Tools)



Engr. Joseph Silvestre, REE

Engr. Silvestre is currently working as a protection engineer in WESTCO Electrical & Equipment Corp. He also worked as Substation Design Engineer and Testing & Commissioning Engineer where his main focus is designing of protection and control system, and testing of Protective Relays. He graduated at Technological University of the Philippines – Manila with the degree of BS Electrical Engineering.

Engr. Jay F. Kuizon, REE

He performs power system studies on various commercial and industrial facilities. Studies include power flow analysis short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, arc flash analysis & mitigation employing NPFA 70E and IEEE 1584 standards using SKM power system analysis software. His Major Projects that has completed are Power System Analysis for Manila Bay Resort / OKADA Manila and Arc Flash Risk Assessment for AES Masinloc Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant.

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