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Optimizing Process and Products Using Design of Experiments

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Apr 17, 2020
PHP  14,560.00 (VAT inclusive)


Do you desire to discover the science behind your product and processes so you could easily improve or optimize them? Design of Experiments (DOE) might just be to the tool you are looking for!
Experimentation is the structured process of varying controllable input variables and observing what impact these might have on a single or several output variable(s) of concern which are usually product quality characteristics or process performance measures. Showing that there is a much better and systematic approach than one-factor-at-a-time, Design of Experiment (DOE) is a body of knowledge that lays down the principles on how this experimentation can be done properly and economically as well as how the experimental results could be analyzed correctly and effectively. It covers issues such as which and how many experimental trials to run to obtain conclusive and reliable results, how should experimental factor levels during experimentation be set, how should experiments be planned and conducted to protect it from biases crippling experimental findings, what graphical and statistical analytical approaches should be used to accurately interpret the results obtained and why such approaches are useful and needed.   
Organizations which are able to develop or acquire the capability of using this methodology have been able to achieve significant improvements in their product quality and process performance. They are also able to attain faster speed to market product development and process deployment. Furthermore they can be very flexible and quick in adjusting product and process parameters as customer changes their product specifications and expectations.
This 2-day training program intends to impart and give a fundamental working knowledge of DOE to its target participants. It will be composed of experimental simulations, exercises and discussions where these will serve as a channel for the participants to learn and put into practice the concepts and principles of DOE and also give the participants a view of how the guidelines of DOE could apply and work in real-life settings.

Special Offer: Register and Reserve on or before March 31, 2020 for a fee of Php 12,000 (VAT Inc.)

Due to the limited slots and for better preparation and planning, reserving a seat for the training and learning session will be required. You can email [email protected] should you want to reserve a slot. Simlarly you can email to the same address should you have other questions and clarifications about the training.


Day 1 AM Session
Introduction to Design of Experiments
  • Rationale for using DOE
  • What is DOE?
  • Applications of DOE Techniques
  • Workshop on Experimental Design
Systematic Approach to Experimentation
  • Introduction to Experimentation
  • Stages and Phases of Experimentation
Day 1 PM Session
Better than One-Factor-at-a-Time:  Factorial Designs
  • Classical Experimental Practices
  • Introduction to Factorial Designs
  • 2 Level Factorial Designs
  • Factorial Experiments
  • Introduction to Factorial Analysis
  • Workshop on Factorial Experiment

DAY 2 AM Session
Dealing with Many Factors: Fractional Factorial and Screening Designs

  • Rationale for Fractional Factorial and Screening Designs
  • Fractional Factorial Designs
  • Design Resolutions
DAY 2 PM Session
Setting Product and Process Parameters to Hit Target Performance: Response Surface Techniques
  • Steepest Ascent/Descent Method
  • Central Composite Designs
  • Face Centered Cube Design
  • Box- Behnken Design
  • Analyzing RSM Experiments
  • Graphical and Numerical Optimization
  • Response Prediction
  • Workshop on Response Surface Design


Process and Product Developers, Research and Development Leaders, Process and Quality Engineers, Product and Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Analyst and Assurance Personnel and others who are directly responsible or indirectly accountable for developing and improving their organization’s products and processes. Participants will have to bring their own laptops for the DOE software. Installation instructions for the trial version of the software will be provided as this will be used throughout the learning session duration.


Bryan Gobaco

Bryan has trained and coached various companies on Design of Experiments. These companies are in the field of consumer goods, electronics and personal care, quick service restaurant business, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food ingredients.  He is currently a faculty at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Gokongwei College of Engineering of De La Salle University Manila where he also earned his bachelor in science and masters in science degree in Industrial Engineering.

Special Offer

Special Offer: Register and Reserve on or before March 31, 2020 for a fee of Php 12,000 (VAT Inc.)


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 16
No. of Participants: 15
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We are a management advisory and consulting group focused on process and product development and improvement methodology, business analytics and decision support modeling services. 

We believe in supporting process excellence initiatives of our client-partners through the creation of a clear strategic and operational mindset that emphasizes on customer and business value.

Technopoly Inc
Unit 2901 One San Miguel Bldg 1 San Miguel Ave cor Shaw Blvd, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines 1603
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