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Constant flow of information is what drives an organization to progress. It plays an important role in the process of directing and controlling the people in an organization. A company also relies on communication with its customers to build trust which is why knowing your audience is key in developing approaches on how to deliver messages. Whether it be external or internal, the benefits of improving communication are endless which includes: saving time, making efforts more effective, making points more clearly, and building goodwill. Furthermore, the quality of written communication could spell the difference between failure and success of a company. A number of organizational operations rely on written communication in order to get things done and it is imperative that guidelines on business writing be developed as a set of standards for every drafted communication. This training prepares individuals to be more efficient and effective in communicating an organization's messages both internally and to its clients.

Course Objectives

Overall, the aim of the training/workshop is to enhance the communication skills of the participants in verbal, non-verbal and written suitable in a business/formal setting. Specifically, by the end of the training program, participants will be able to:
1. Explain the concepts of effective business communication;
2. Identify the audience for a specific communication;
3. Develop a message suitable for the identified audience;
4. Plan, Implement, and Revise a communication document;


Course Outline

1. Business Communication

     a. Communicating on the Job
     b. Theories and Concepts in Communication
     c. Cost of Poor Communication
     d. Benefits of Improving Communication
2. Adapting Your Message to Your Audience
     a. Analyzing Audience
     b. Audience Benefits
3. Communication Styles
     a. Choosing channels for Communication
     b. Communication Styles and Preferences
4. Verbal and Non-verbal communication
     a. Voice tone recognition
     b. Active listening
     c. Body Language
5. Business Writing
     a. Formats of Business Writing


SPEAKER: Mr. Jessie Barrot

Dr. Jessie Barrot is an author, editor, trainer, researcher, and teacher by profession. He holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and a Masters in Teaching English. He has taught English courses for 15 years at some of the top universities in the Philippines and currently heads the Research Center of National University. Recently, he has been cited as one of the top scholars/scientists in the Philippines and ranked highest in
the field of language and linguistics (Project Acumen funded by the European Commission). He was also a certified teacher (belonged to the top 1% who passed the licensure examination for teachers in 2003) and an internationally certified editor (Singapore Workforce Development Agency). He is also a reviewer of international journals such The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, TESOL Quarterly, and Reading and Writing Quarterly and a member of various international organizations. As a writer and researcher, Dr. Barrot has already published more than 12 books that cover business correspondence, grammar, academic reading and writing, technical writing, and speech communication. He has also authored more than 20 research articles which were published in top international journals and has presented papers in prestigious international conferences such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Special Offer

DISCOUNTED PRICE: Php 2,499.99 for January to March Topics 2020 only 
REGULAR RATE: Php 2,999.99
GROUP RATE (minimum of 5 participants)   : Php 2,799.99
GROUP RATE (minimum of 10 participants) : Php 2,499.99


Book your seats now! Call 7745-0535/8401-0164/8404-1672 and look for Ms. Alyka Magracia or Aprille Mae Anay or email at [email protected]

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How to buy tickets:

Option 1: Bank deposit to iLearn
• Deposit Php 2,499.99

• Bank: BDO
• Account Name: iLearn Professional Solutions Inc
• Account Number: 7330059789
• Email a copy of deposit slip + Registration Form (As Attached) to [email protected] so we can contact you

Option 2: Walk-in Payment- Cash basis only

 VENUE DETAILS:              
LANDMARK: beside Ambers Restaurant, BDO Filmore St.

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