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Course description

While it is the project team’s responsibility to make certain that all contracts meet the specific needs of the project in compliance to organizational procurement policies, the challenge also lies on how to manage and administer the contract to meet project objectives and deliverable. This course will cover the processes involved in finding, agreeing to terms, and acquiring goods, services or works from an external source, as well as, ensuring that the Buyer receives the goods, services and works at the best possible price in terms of price, quality, quantity and time. The various activities involved in the Project Procurement Management processes form the life cycle of a contract. By actively managing the contract life cycle and carefully wording the terms and conditions of the procurement, some identifiable project risks can be avoided, mitigated, or transferred to a seller. Entering into a contract for products or services is one method of allocating the responsibility for managing or sharing potential risks to project goals.


  • To create an understanding on how to manage Industrial Hygiene;
  • To develop the skills on recognizing, evaluating and controlling occupational health hazards; and to properly apply these principles;
  • To establish and appreciate the link between Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Medicine;
  • To participate in workshops that will enhance the level of participants’ understanding and raise their level of appreciation on Industrial Hygiene Program; and
  • To develop best practices among participants on the application of Industrial Hygiene principles.


Who should attend

  • Occupational Safety & Health Officers and Managers
  • Members of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee
  • Supervisors and Department Managers
  • Occupational Health Nurses and Doctors

Course outline

  • Day 1
    • Objectives and Principles of Industrial Hygiene
    • Definition of Industrial Hygiene Terms
    • Discussion on Occupational Health Hazards
      • Chemical Hazards
      • Physical Hazards
      • Biological Hazards
      • Ergonomic Hazards
    • Effects of Occupational Health Hazards
      • Respiratory Hazards and Its Effects on Health
      • Noise and Hearing Conservation Program
      • Heat Stress and Heat Stress Management
      • Radiation and Radiation Control
      • Ergonomic Risks and Its Effects on the Physical Well Being
    • Workshop (Identification of Industrial Hygiene Hazards)
  • Day 2
    • Measurement of Occupational Health Hazards
      • Workplace Environment Measurement
      • Industrial Hygiene Equipment
    • Threshold Limit Values/Permissible Exposure Levels
      • How to Interpret Industrial Hygiene Data
    • Workshop on Workplace Environment Measurement
    • Industrial Hygiene Controls
      • Engineering
      • Administrative
      • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Respiratory Protection Program
      • Elements of the Respiratory Protection Program
    • Industrial Hygiene Planning
    • Developing the Industrial Hygiene Program
    • Medical Surveillance Program
    • Workshop (Developing the Industrial Hygiene Program)


Mar 16, 2020 - Mar 17, 2020
Mon, Tue 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 16
No. of Participants: 20
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Aguila Group Companies (AGC) Development Corporation was incorporated as a management and business consultancy to assist and represent various international companies seeking business opportunity through joint ventures (JV’s) and co-operation in the Philippines in the field of power, oil and gas, refinery, information technology and semiconductor/electronics technology, land, infrastructure and real estate development.

AGC aims to provide quality technical services from consulting, management/business and engineering and testing expertise with the collaboration of foreign partners and principals.


  • AGC shall provide professional technical and engineering training services that will develop skills, enhance capabilities and support career growth and development.
  • AGC shall provide consultancy services to companies and organizations that aim to consistently provide quality products and services, promote customer satisfaction, and continually improve business processes through the establishment and implementation of management systems.


  • AGC shall be the premier training and consultancy service provider both locally and globally for professionals and business industries, as we strive to provide a cost-effective way in the development, growth and stability, thus increasing competitive advantages. ...
Aguila Group Companies (AGC) Development Corporation
708 Fedman Suite, Legaspi Village Salcedo St. Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
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