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What You Will Learn
-Issues and challenges in Payroll & Benefits administration
-Important rules and procedures for SSS, Philhealth and Pagibig
-How to process payroll and benefits efficiently
-How to compute for different types of payroll and benefits situations


Course Highlights:
1. Issues on Payroll & Benefits
2. Roles & Functions of a Payroll & Benefits Administrator
3. Payroll and Benefits Management
4. Payroll Systems
5. Payslip Formats
6. Payroll and Benefits Policy Guidelines
7. Government Mandated Payroll & Benefits Computation
8. Payroll & Witholding Taxes
9. Salary Adjustments
10. Taxable Income
11. Tax shields
12. De minimis Benefits
13. Processing Government Mandated Benefits
14. Philhealth, SSS, PAGIBIG benefits

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Seminar Rate:
Early Bird Rate - Php8,500 +VAT
Regular Rate - Php9,500 +VAT

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