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Basic MS Project Course is an effective Project Management tool for Project Managers. All Project Managers uses Project Management tool .Project Management tools are helpful to Project Managers. It also ensures that tasks and timeline are on-track. 

The Project Plan is an important document for Project Managers. Microsoft Project delivers a very easy-to-use application that will  ensure that the work break structure (WBS). The dates and the overall timeline are properly in place. After all, MS Project acts like a Project Managers’ Project Plan  ensuring that the overall schedule is tracked – time, budget and quality.

Intermediate MS Project Course is for those who are doing project management. Whether you are keeping track of IT projects using Agile or SDLC. Any other projects that would require you to keep track of tasks. While ensuring that the project team is aligned.

You will learn how to use MS Project on this course. We will also take a sample project and ensure we develop the proper Project Plan.

Course Objective

  • Access the toolbar
  • Open and view a project
  • Use the TimeLine feature
  • Apply filters
  • View the network diagram
  • Define a project
  • Set project properties
  • Create a new basic calendar
  • Save a project file
  • Amend a standard calendar
  • Enter milestone and summary tasks
  • Insert, delete and move tasks
  • Add notes to tasks
  • Add recurring tasks
  • Work with task duration and relationships
  • Set resource availability dates
  • Assign resources to tasks
  • Understand resource costs
  • Baseline a project


Get your quote now! (02) 7-902 0992 / (02) 7-506 8016 / [email protected]

 The Course Outline for MSProject - Basic are as follows:

 Lesson 1 Project Management Overview

  • Using Toolbar
  • Using Timeline
  • Opening and View Project Plans
  • Using Filters
  • Using Network Diagrams
  • Project Management
  • MS Project as a tool for Project Management
  • Frequently used words in Project management
  • Exercise : Opening and Viewing a Project Plan

Lesson 2 Project Planning

  • Project Definition
  • Project Planning
  • MS Project and Project Plan
  • Project Start
  • Project Properties
  • Using Standard Calendars
  • Using the New Base Calendars
  • Gantt Chart
  • MS Project - Saving and Save As
  • MS Project - Exiting
  • Exercise - Creating your own Project Plan

Lesson 3 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Tasks

  • WBS and Tasks
  • Tasks - Entering and Editing
  • Tasks - Updating, Inserting, Deleting
  • Tasks - Recurring
  • Tasks - Adding Notes
  • Task Mode
  • Tasks - Duration and Relationships
  • Defining Lag Time and Lead Time
  • Exercise: Creating a new project
  • Autoschedule Mode
  • Conflicts on Schedule
  • Tasks - Deadline
  • WBS - Quick Reference
  • Exercise : Creating WBS on your Project Plan

Lesson 4 Using Resources

  • Defining the Resources
  • Using the Resource Calendar
  • Resource Availability
  • Resource Costs Tracking
  • Resource Assignments
  • Material Resources
  • What is a baseline and how to use on projects?
  • Exercise - Completing and baselining your Project Plan


Get your quote now! (02) 7-902 0992 / (02) 7-506 8016 / [email protected]

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Get your quote now! (02) 7-902 0992 / (02) 7-506 8016 / [email protected]
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