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This course discusses the common process framework for the life cycle of systems, adopting a software engineering approach. The processes described in this learning module form a comprehensive set from which an organization can design software life cycle models appropriate to its products and services.


Module 1: Back to the Basics - Redesigning System
I. The Value of Having IT Governance
a) Distinction Between Governance and Management
b) Framework for IT Governance and Management
II. Process Frameworks
a) Process Classification Framework
b) System Life Cycle Process Framework
III. International Standards for Systems and Software Engineering (Life Cycle Management, Software Life Cycle Processes,
Content of Life Cycle Information)
IV. System Life Cycle Stages
a) Life Cycle Stages Adaptation Guidelines
b) Software Life Cycle Stages (Adapted)
V. Software life Cycle Processes Groups
VI. Software Life Cycle Technical Processes
VII. Life Cycle Adaptation
a) Life Cycle Adaptation Guidelines
b) Scope Adaptation
c) Stage Adaptation
VIII. Life Cycle Roles and Responsibilities
IX. Software Development Strategies
X. Software Development Models
a) Once-Through
b) Evolutionary
c) Incremental
XI. Guidelines in Selecting Development Strategies
Module 2: Application of Processes in a Life-Cycle Model
I. Effects of Digital Transformation in Software Life Cycles
II. Organization and Engineering Views
a) Use Cases: Order of Use of Life Cycle Processes
b) Decision Gates in Life Cycle Stages
III. Engineering a System
IV. The Engineering “Vee” Model
V. Life Cycle Process Tailoring
a) Activities and Tasks in Process Tailoring
b) Considerations when Tailoring
VI. Content of Life Cycle Information Items
a) Identifying Information Items and their Contents
b) Defining deliverables, non-deliverables and supporting information
VII. Designing Software Processes for Digital Transformation Programs and Projects
a) Tailoring Software Processes to Achieve Agility
b) Tailored processes in Agile models
c) Information items in Agile Models
VIII. Considerations When Writing Policies for Software Life Cycles
Exercises & Workshops: Adapting Software Life Cycles


No. of Days: 3
Total Hours: 12
No. of Participants: 20
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