Effective Purchasing Negotiation Strategies: Irresistible Negotiation Strategies that will Instantly Close Deals by iLearn Professional Solutions Inc - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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Effective Purchasing Negotiation Strategies: Irresistible Negotiation Strategies that will Instantly Close Deals

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Course Overview

This module offers a comprehensive overview of Purchasing Management as a business philosophy and a corporate strategy to Drive or turn-around the business. It includes a study of Purchasing and Procurement Management, a thorough discussion of its scope, and its strategic role in business and economy today. It aims to aid the participant to understand some issues involved when applying strategies concerning supplies and other activities that correlates with it such as with logistics, manufacturing, physical distribution and marketing management.

Course Objectives
  1. Describe Important Elements & Nature of Purchasing
  2. Adopt an efficient way to negotiate on prices
  3. Understand and Maximize Efficiency of Procurement Process
  4. Learn the doctrine of competitiveness;
  5. Minimize Inventory Investment
  6. Maximize Profit



  1. Purchasing Management
    a. Nature of Purchasing Management
    b. Objectives of Purchasing Management
    c. Purchasing responsibilities
    d. Purchasing Policies
    e. Buying Scenarios
    f. Ordering System
    g. Guidelines in Selecting Suppliers
    h. Bid Preparation and Evaluation
    i. Supplier Evaluation Process
    j. Negotiation Strategies to Avoid
    k. Legal and regulatory implications
  2. Purchasing Strategies and Techniques
    a. Common Purchasing Strategies
    b. Global Sourcing & Vendor Development
    c. Risk Management
    d. Purchasing Models
    e. Green Purchasing
    f. Efficient Purchasing Strategies
    g. Vertical, Backward & Forward Integration
    h. Receiving Purchases Guidelines
    i. Returning of Goods to supplier
    j. Purchase Order (PO)
  3. Demand Forecasting & Re-order Point
    a. Demand Forecast
    b. Lead-time
    c. Reorder Point Calculations
    d. Safety Stock Calculations
    e. Re-Order with EOQ Calculations
    f. Managing Inventory with Dependent Demand
    g. Inventory Managing
    h. How much to Order?
    i. When to Re-order?
    j. Constant and Variable Demand
    k. Constant and Variable Lead time
  4. How to be a good Buyer
    a. Procurement Ethics
    b. Ways to succeed as a Buyer



Meg B. Marzan is the founder and Chief Operations Officer of Ilearn International Institute, a human resource development provider capable of creating client oriented training programs that are informative, practical, and enjoyable with the use of up-to-date modules, emerging technologies, and best practices. As a trainer and founder of iLearn she was able to provide trainings and consulting programs for clients such as EEI Corporation, Delfi Marketing Inc, Shell Petroleum Pilipinas, Puregold, Dole Asia, LBC Express, Unilever and participates in the contribution to provide better service for Filipino people by serving government clients such as GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund, DOH, PNOC, OTC and PDEA among others. She has a valuable combination of being a resource speaker, a successful practitioner, an educator, and a consultant for Logistics, Supply Chain, Purchasing and Procurement, International Shipping & Brokerage, General Management, Assets and Property management. She recently acquired a Certification on Human Resource Management from the International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM) which is a globally recognized designation for HR Professionals. An active and proud member of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers who aim to commit to upholding the holistic development of professional speakers in the country by continuously developing core competencies: Eloquence, Expertise, Enterprise, Ethics, and Extension. As a learning advocate and having an entrepreneur mindset, she believes that through Continuous Professional Learning she helps build the Nation One Employee One Company at A Time.

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