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Learn how to automate MS Excel using Macros and VBA Programming -- at the comfort of your home!

This training contains the essential of VBA knowledge.  It prepares the user to explore more advanced techniques in VBA. There will be several exercises to apply the new skills learned every chapter.

Participants will be able to automate reports to improve efficiency, lessen errors, and lessen the impact to productivity when a skilled person resigns.


Part 1.  Macro Recording
  • Creating Macros
  • Exploring Macro Security
  • Recording and Running a Macro
  • Using Relative Reference
  • Assigning a Macro to Buttons
  • Using Macro Recording to Create VBA Codes

Part 2.  Introduction to VBA 
  • Exploring the VBA Interface (Overview)
  • VBA Terminologies
  • Exploring the Properties Window
  • Exploring the Code Window

Part 3.  Programming Basics
  • Essential VBA Codes
  • Different Ways of Calling Cells
  • Creating Basic Modules
  • Objects, Properties, and Actions
  • Dealing with Rows, Columns, and Sheets

Part 4.  Control Structures
  • Applying Decision Structures
    • If, Then, Else Statement
    • If, Then, ElseIf Statement
  • Solving Repetitive Tasks with Loop Structures
    • For, Next Loop
    • For Each, Next Loop
    • Do Until, Loop
  • Applying Control Structures in Excel Programs

Part 5.  Creating Your Own Functions 
  • Using IF to Create Functions
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Using MS Excel Functions in VBA

Part 6.  Creating Userforms and Userform Events
  • Adding UserForms
  • Adding Form Elements

Part 7.  Error Handling

Part 8.  Creative Automation Exercises in VBA


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Insights Manila (registered as Insights MLA Business Solutions) is a training services company based in Makati.  The company believes that the country’s workforce requires ample training that is effective and insightful, yet affordable.

The consultants of Insights Manila are experienced professionals who had executed the courses several times for different companies under various training institutions.

Insights Manila mostly offers exclusive training for companies.  The courses are customized to meet specific training needs.  The company also offers public classes where individuals can enroll, and one-on-one training for people who wish focused training.  Other than training, the company also accepts Excel automation projects and course development projects.

With Insights Manila, you are directly dealing with the consultants– no intermediary parties who just add costs to the training delivery.

Insights Manila
7F Finman Centre, 131 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines 1227
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