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According to Memorandum Circular 2019-2176 implemented by the LTO, student applicants requesting a driver’s license are required to go through a 15-hour theoretical driving course under certified instructors.
The course is divided into three sessions and will cover everything from traffic regulations to LTO mandated special laws. It must be completed within two years from the day an applicant started the course.


  • The progress and role of the LTO in our society’s growth
  • The organization and operation of the LTO
  • Requirements and process of getting a driver’s license
  • Traffic regulations that include signs, road markings, and right of way
  • Specific directives and laws designed by the LTO
  • Scanning of danger to reduce road crash risks
  • Operations of automotive parts and related accessories
  • Effective driving with proper maneuvering
  • Different parking skills
  • Techniques and tips on how to save fuel
  • The correct way of checking the safety of a vehicle
  • Practicum on basic troubleshooting
  • Defensive driving, road discipline, and other related practices
  • A comprehensive discussion regarding the safe use of motorcycle and light motor vehicles
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          To provide quality training program for Filipino Workers. To develop their full potential as highly skilled National Certificate Holders possessing Driving, Air-Con and Refrigeration Technicians and Auto-mechanical expertise; and deeply ingrain work values and discipline through training in actual work sites in developed countries.

A committed partner of government, industry and private business in the development of duty qualified and professional  National Certificate Holders to help address the need for greater productivity at both individual and corporate levels for the country's economic growth. Techno Development Center of the Philippines Inc. envisions being the center of excellent in the development of properly trained and highly professional Driving, Air-Con and Refrigeration Technicians and Auto-mechanical expertise capable of performing the tasks incognizant with the international standards.
Techno Development Center of the Phil. Inc. and Driving Academy
2nd Floor Carlos Sia Bldg. 2340 F.B Harrison Street, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1304
(02) 8556-3819
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