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This is an Online Japanese Language Training good for N5 level.
The full course program is good for 60 hours and approximately for 5 months.

Students will use the Babel Method platform as well as the ZOOM application to have a virtual discussion with the instructor.

Enrollees can choose from the following subscription plans.

Subcription 1
Monthly Subscription with 1 MONTH FREE 
*Php 5,250 monthly

Subscription 2
First 2 Months Subscription w/ 1 MONTH FREE 
*Php 9,000  for the first 2 months
Suceeding monthly payment rate is Php 5,250.

Subscription 3
First 3 Months Subscription w/ 1 MONTH FREE 
*Php 12,750  for the first 3 months
Succeeding monthly payment rate is Php 5,250.

Subscription 4
4 Months Subscription w/ 1 MONTH FREE 
*Php 17,500  for 4 months


Hiragana and Katakana reading and writing
N5 Kanji characters
Basic grammar, vocabulary, listening and conversation
Mock up Exam for JLPT


Instructor is native Japanese but can somehow speak in English.
Approachable, lively and friendly virtual environment.

Special Offer

Get 1 MONTH FREE SUBSCRIPTION upon enrollment.


Dec 08, 2020 - May 04, 2021
Tue, Thu, Sat 11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Tue, Thu, Sat 01:30 PM — 02:30 PM
No. of Days: 60
Total Hours: 60
No. of Participants: 20
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Jellyfish Incorporation was founded in Japan in 2007, which offers opportunities to people through education, overseas study and recruitment businesses, with eight sites in four countries including Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia, based on the management policy “Expand your Horizon”.

The Phiilippine arm Jellyfish Education Philippines Incorporated (JEP Inc.) registered under the Security and Exchange Commission provides and promotes educational services to those who want to Study, Live and Experience Japan and Nihongo class in the Philipines for individial and corporate accounts. 

Jellyfish Education Philippines Inc.
Unit 902A East Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road Ortigas Center Pasig City, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
(02) 5701290
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