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Business Registration Philippines (Seminar) DTI, SEC, BIR, Statutory Compliance (Live Webinar)

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The Philippines is one of the hardest places on earth to start up a business. Forget about your marketing, accounting, products, and service; we’re talking about the long and stressful process of Business Registration (Philippines).There are a lot of requirements to complete. The Philippine government requires you to register tons of permits, notarize articles, pass numerous clearances and pay a lot of fees. And non-compliance of such requirements will have serious consequences.Business Registration & Compliance Seminar is a 1-Day seminar to know all about the “hows” of getting a business permit in the Philippines. We’re also be dealing about the deadlines to stick to and its penalties if not followed.

By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  1.  To be fully knowledgeable of all the requirements of registering & closing a foreign and domestic Business in the Philippines.
  2.  To be aware of all the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and other deadlines that Businesses must comply.
  3.  To know the Penalties for Late Filing of Tax Returns; Surcharge, Interest, and Compromise.
  4.  To learn and appreciate Philippine Business Registration in a relative and engaging way.


Who is this for?
• Aspiring Entrepreneurs
• Foreign Companies
• Business Owners
• Business & Accounting Students
• Other Professionals
• And anyone who wants to learn how Philippine Business Registration works


1. Introduction: Understanding the Basic Requirements
1.1 Barangay Clearance and City or Municipal Business Permit
1.2 Reserving Business Names:
     a. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
     b. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
1.3 Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
1.4 PEZA & BOI: Tax Holidays
1.5 Other Agencies


2. Familiarize deadlines in maintaining a Business
2.1 Books of Account
2.2 BIR Compliance
2.3 Other Deadlines


3. Penalties for Late Filing of Tax Returns
3.1 Surcharge
3.2 Interest
3.3 Compromise


4. Requirements of closing a Business

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