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• And anyone who wants to learn the Training and Development role in an organization.


1. External Factors in Policy Preparation

a. Philippine Gov’t Structure

b. Hierarchy of Reference

2. Employee Handbook

a. ntention and Objectives

b. Composition

3. HR Policies  : Consideration

a. Parts of Policy

b. Must in Writing a Policy

c. Tips in Writing a Policy

d. Coverage of Policy

4. Principle of Code of Conduct

a. Progressive Discipline

b. Category of Infractions

c. Must in Code of Conduct

d. Obliteration of Offense

e. Admission

f. Factors Affecting Penalties

5. Procedural Due Procedure

a. Substantial Aspect

b. Authorized Causes

c. Separation Pay

d. Just Causes

e. Other Causes

f. Two Notice Principle

g. Administrative Due Committee

h. Administrative Due Procedure

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