Superior Diploma 1 In International Cuisines (SD1 - IC) by GLOBAL CULINARY AND HOSPITALITY ACADEMY INC - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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The Superior Diploma 1 in International Cuisines aims to educate students with the fundamental techniques of Culinary and Baking and then move on to teaching them the different aspects of world cuisines using traditional methods of cooking. The cuisine part of the program focuses on the study of cooking skills associated with the preparation and service of traditional international cuisines. Students will examine the influences that help shape cuisine — including but not limited to geography, availability of natural resources, climate, and culture. 

Duration: 15 months

Internship hours: 600 hours 

Additional information regarding the MEP class,You will have to provide ingredients, tools and equipment. Our online courses are self-paced and asynchronous so you can manage your time and it’s flexible. 

You can access our Modular E-Learning portal anytime, anywhere.  


PCA Module 01 : Introduction to the Professional Kitchen
PCA Module 02 : Food Safety and Sanitation
PCA Module 03 : Nutrition
PCA Module 04 : Menus, Recipes and Cost Management
PCA Module 05 : Product Identification
PCA Module 06 : Mise En Place
PCA Module 07 : Fish and Seafood Fabrication
PCA Module 08 : Meat and Poultry Fabrication
PCA Module 09 : Understanding Flavor
PCA Module 10 : Stocks
PCA Module 11 : Sauces
PCA Module 12 : Soups
PCA Module 13 : Pasta Cookery
PCA Module 14 : Rice, Grains and Vegetables Cookery
PCA Module 15 : Potato Cookery
PCA Module 16 : Introduction to Cooking Methods / Steaming and Poaching
PCA Module 17 : Braising and Stewing
PCA Module 18 : Sauteing
PCA Module 19 : Frying
PCA Module 20 : Roasting and Baking
PCA Module 21 : Grilling and Broiling
PCA Module 22 : Egg Cookery
PCA Module 23 : Garde Manger 1
PCA Module 24 : Garde Manger 2
PCA Module 25 : Introduction to Baking and Pastry

BPA Module 01: Introduction to Professional Baking
BPA Module 02: Food Safety and Sanitation
BPA Module 03: Product Identification I
BPA Module 04: Product Identification II
BPA Module 05: Product Identification III
BPA Module 06: Bakeshop Math
BPA Module 07: Introduction to Yeast Doughs
BPA Module 08: Lean Yeast Doughs
BPA Module 09: Rich Yeast Doughs
BPA Module 10: Quick Breads
BPA Module 11: Cookies
BPA Module 12: Pies and Tarts
BPA Module 13: Puff Pastry
BPA Module 14: Pâte à Choux
BPA Module 15: Meringues
BPA Module 16: Custards, Puddings and Soufflés
BPA Module 17: Basic Cakes and Cake Assembly
BPA Module 18: Mousses, Bavarians and Frozen Desserts
BPA Module 19: Chocolates and Confections
BPA Module 20: Dessert Presentation

IC Module 01: Introduction to International Cuisines
IC Module 02: Filipino Cuisine
IC Module 03: Southeast Asian Cuisine
IC Module 04: American Cuisine
IC Module 05: Spanish Cuisine
IC Module 06: Italian Cuisine
IC Module 07: French Cuisine
IC Module 08: Japanese Cuisine
IC Module 09: Chinese Cuisine
IC Module 10: Mediterranean Cuisine
IC Module 11: Fundamentals in Restaurant Business
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Founded in 2007 with the mission to give the Filipino people an access to top quality Culinary Education at relatively-affordable costs, Global Academy is to date, a premiere world-class culinary school.

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Global Academy is 100% owned and operated by Filipino Chefs of global competence in education and in experience.

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Learn from a group of locally and internationally-awarded and respected Chef Instructors who impart their expertise and monitor their student's development and Culinary well-being.

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A collaboration of great culinary minds and hearts put courses, trainings, internship programs, and local and international accreditations together. Global Academy courses are designed to give students choices and allows for customization based on their interest, time availability, and budget.

Our newest delivery of our world-accredited Culinary and Baking education is the exclusive Global Academy Modular E-Learning Portal (mEp)! Over 300 recipes and techniques available online for learning in one's own time, own pace, and own place. mEp is facilitated by the same award-winning Chef Instructors which the Academy prides in to train and mentor you. ...

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