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Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping for Non-Accountants Webinar

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Online / Webinar
May 20, 2021 - May 21, 2021
PHP  3,360.00 (VAT incl.)


Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping for Non-Accountants Zoom Webinar


Who Should Attend?
  • Business owners who wants to understand how bookkeeping and accounting works and to learn how to interpret their financial statements
  • Business owners and accountants who wants to know if their recording and documentation is correct to avoid paying unnecessary penalties in times of reporting and audit
  • Individuals who want to start a career in bookkeeping and accounting
  • Accounting students who want to better understand bookkeeping and accounting in real world set-up
  • Accounting professionals who want to update or refresh their skills and knowledge in bookkeeping and basic accounting
Accounting and Bookkeeping Workshop Details

Accounting is the language of business. By learning accounting and bookkeeping, you can better understand the operation and result of your business.

In “Accounting and Bookkeeping for Non-Accountants Seminar/Workshop”, you will be equipped with tools to help you perform accounting and bookkeeping works. You will gain better understanding of the financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. As such, you will be able to interpret if your business is earning profits or incurring losses, as well as, if your business has enough resources to sustain and continue its operation. By learning how to interpret your financial statements, you will easily identify the actual allocation of your funds for spending which is very important when you are planning your budgets and setting your targets.

After the seminar, you will be
  1. You will be confident in doing bookkeeping and accounting works and you will understand how your bookkeeper and accountant is doing their job
  2. Your business will have an organize accounting records that you can confidently show to BIR
  3. You will have a basic understanding of the financial statements of your business which you will need in making important decisions for your business
What You Will Learn?

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  1. Perform basic bookkeeping and accounting procedures
  2. Understand the purpose of bookkeeping and accounting in business.
  3. Recognize accounting terms, concepts and principles
  4. Follow and apply the Accounting Cycle and Process
  5. Perform Double-Entry Bookkeeping System and the principles of debit/credit
  6. Record, analyze and interpret business transactions
  7. Open and establish an account, chart of accounts and book of accounts.
  8. Make a journal entry, post to ledger book, prepare trial balance and complete a worksheet.
  9. Create financial statements such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Statement of Owner’s Equity.
  10. Perform basic interpretation and analysis of the financial condition and operating result of the business based on the financial statements produced.




May 20, 2021 - May 21, 2021
Thu, Fri 09:00 AM — 04:00 PM
No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 12
No. of Participants: 30
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MPM is an outsource cloud-based service company aiming to reduce complexity in doing business by combining our own innovative technology and certified professionals.

MPM used to stand for the initial of its founder, Maria Lourdes Pineda Macabasco. She founded MPM in January 2011, and used her home as her office. While doing her own practice, she saw how disorganized the accounting and payroll processes of most Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), as well as Freelancer, Self-Employed and Professionals, which cause them internal and external troubles. That’s when she realized the need for a reliable accounting and payroll service for MSMEs. From then on, it became her vision to provide a quality and reliable accounting and payroll service to MSMEs.

MPM now stands for Multiple Process Management.
Through the years, MPM continues to grow from its humble beginning of just a one-man team to its current multiple team. In 2016, MPM was incorporated and welcome more leaders.This has open the door forMPM to provide other business solutions outside outsources services such as: cloud-based accounting and payroll software, webinars or training, to diverse client, etc. ...

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