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Courses Benefits

This Node.js course will teach you how to quickly create high-traffic web applications on the server. It makes it possible to code both the client and server side in JavaScript. Node.js is commonly used for creating micro services which is a popular solution in enterprise applications.

You Will Learn How To
  • Create and make use of modules
  • Use NPM to take advantage of the largest open-source code library in the world
  • Understand Node.js event handling framework
  • Create basic web applications using the Express framework
  • Create REST APIs
Who Should Attend

Participants are expected to know basic JavaScript.


  • What is NodeJS
  • Why NodeJS
  • What can NodeJS do?
  • Setting Up for Node.js Development
  • Writing Your First Node.js Script – "Hello World"
  • Debugging
  • Some ES6 Features Worth Knowing
  • Defining Modules
  • Module Types
  • Loading Modules
  • Creating Your Own Module
  • Loading Your Own Module
  • Exporting and Loading Different Data Types
  • Packages and Package Manager
  • Semantic Versioning
  • Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • The NPM Registry
  • Installing a Package
  • Using a Package
  • Updating a Package
  • Installing a Package Globally
  • Using nodemon
Node.js Events
  • Events
  • Creating an EventEmitter
  • Registering a Listener
  • Triggering an Event
  • Passing Data to the Listener
  • Other EventEmitter Methods
Creating a Web Server
  • HTML
  • HTTP
  • HTTP Request
  • HTTP Response
  • Creating a Web Server
  • Sending Static Content
  • Sending Dynamic Content
  • Using Streams to Improve Performance
  • Installing Express
  • Creating Routes
  • Serving Static Files
  • Using Templates
  • Reading Query Strings
  • Reading Path Variables
  • Reading POST Data
  • Redirection
  • What is Middleware?
  • Using Middleware
  • Placing Middleware in Modules
  • Applying Middleware to All Routes
  • Using Multiple Middleware
  • Applying Multiple Middleware for a Single Route
  • Using Middleware to Manipulate the Request
  • Using Third Party Middleware
Creating RESTFul Services
  • REST Concepts
  • Why Use REST
  • JSON
  • Arrays
  • API
  • Performing CRUD Operations
  • Using Routers to Structure Our Code
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