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Building relationships over hundreds—or thousands—of miles? Trying to set goals that are understood around the globe? These special circumstances require special skills.

Workplaces around the world are now linked virtually though technology. To get results, the leader of a virtual team must approach employees differently from co-located teams.

Master the tools and techniques that increase your effectiveness when managing performance and coaching virtually. So you can overcome the challenges that are specific to leading a virtual team. Build effective long-distance teams. And manage and coach virtually with success and complete confidence.

NOTE: A headset with microphone is required to attend and participate in this program.


  • Identifying virtual performance challenges
  • Exploring best practices for performance management in
    virtual teams
  • Defining virtual team members’ roles and responsibilities to
    maintain team focus on goals, objectives and tasks
  • Learning the process for identifying coaching and
    development activities for employees
  • Practicing using the GROW Model of Coaching


Kelvin CELIS

His skill as a back-of-the-room facilitator and his insight as a self-awareness coach are two of the main reasons that Kelvin is sought after. He possesses a natural ability to work the energy of a room, gain people’s trust and help them realize their potential.
His experience includes six years of coaching actors at the ABS-CBN Center for Communication Arts, the source of talent for one of the leading TV networks in the Philippines. This has equipped him for Leadership Presence Coaching with executives to help them become aware of the impact of their posture, tone and facial expressions.
His 12 - year background in martial arts and kinetics provides the grounding and added value for integration of body, mind and spirit, a key requirement of realizing leadership potential.
He honed his abilities by participating in a series of professional development programs including: Coaching To Excellence (New Ventures West), Interactive Game Strategies (Thiagi) and Human Capital Development’s own regional Train The Trainer Program Kelvin is an internationally certified Chally Talent Analyst. He is also certified as an FGI Transition Coach.
Kelvin has worked with people from diverse backgrounds and professions: executives and children, designers and entrepreneurs, factory workers and actors, athletes and middle managers. He has facilitated a variety of programs: For multi-national companies, programs such as Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Influencing Skills,
Assertiveness Skills and Stress Management.
For government, he has conducted programs like “Programs To Maximize the Human Potential To Create” for workers in the Abaca Industry, a creativity program for entrepreneurs in Davao, “Stress Management “for the volunteers of the Philippine Senate.
He has used martial arts to introduce soft skills through programs such as: Exercises in “Human Movement and Relaxation”, team building exercises for Nestle Philippines and “Somatic Coaching Through the Martial Arts” in Hong Kong for executive coaches.


Jul 07, 2021
02:00 PM — 04:30 PM
No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 3
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