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Aims to provide refresher and updating training for Management Level Deck Officers to refresh their knowledge, understanding and proficiency of the industry’s best management practices in bridge watchkeeping.
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We are the product of almost two decades of Marlow Navigation’s pursuit of excellence and innovation in the maritime sector.

Established and named Marlow Navigation Training Center (MNTC) since 1999, we changed our name to United Marine Training Center in 2015 to more accurately represent the spirit of collaboration and commitment our company espouses. This renewal also opens the door for more opportunities to share our expertise with the rest of the industry and contribute to its further development.

We trace our humble beginnings to a single lecture room doubling as the office and another room for culinary training. In 2004, we expanded our operations to further fulfil the growing need for well-trained seafarers. This led to the setting up of three more classrooms for the cadet training program, a computer laboratory, and a culinary centre.

We finally moved to our present site in the heart of Manila in 2008. We kept on expanding, enhancing, and improving since then to continue to provide world-class instruction to seafarers and pursue our vision of becoming a maritime Center of Excellence.

United Marine Training Center, Inc.
2120 Leon Guinto Street, Metro Manila, Philippines 1004
+63 2 981 6682
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